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Short Hairstyles for Girls with Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles 2013 - Short Haircut Idea 2013-54

Women with thick hair will never go wrong if they choose to rock a short haircut style in 2012. Usually thick hair brings with it several styling challenges such as too much bulk and weight as well as unmanageable wavy patterns. And most women find it difficult to find a hairstyle that works best with their thick hair but this could be because they’ve been working against the nature of their hair. The fact is, women with thick hair can use the volume of their hair to great advantage rather than fight or control them. Thick hair is a blessing rather than blight, as long as it is given the right cut and styled properly. Here are the best short hairstyles for thick hair in 2012:

Pixie or cropped hairstyle
Pixie or cropped hairstyle is one of the best hairstyle for thick hair and will look g...

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Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair, Pixie, Shag, Wedge Haircut Style

Wedge Hairstyle Idea

Thick hair poses some problems in the choice of a haircut or hairstyle. Its excessive bulkiness, heaviness and uncontrollable wavy patterns are only some of the styling challenges of thick hair. But thick hair is actually a blessing rather than blight as long as you know the right hairstyle to choose. In fact you can use the volume of thick hair as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Short haircut is perfect for thick hair. It will reduce the hair’s volume and weight. Here are several short hairstyles for thick hair:

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