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Short Hairstyles and Fine Hair – Things To Do and Things To Avoid

Gwyneth Paltrow short hairstyle idea for girls with fine thick hair

The secret to a stylish short hairstyle for fine hair is a perfect cut and quality hair styling products that will amp the volume, movement and shine to your hair. Since straight, fine hair is more likely to show scissor marks on the hair, your stylist should be expert enough to give your hair a precision cut. Short hairstyles for fine hair are best with layers since layers give the hair lift and volume. Short layered bangs are also great addition to a hairstyle for fine hair. One thing to avoid is a razor cutting.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Taylor Momsen Short Hairstyles Ideas for Girls with a Thick Fine Hair

Razor cut will make thin hair look frazzled and could cause split ends, and fine hair is very prone to split ends. A hairstyle that requires blow drying to style is also something to avoid.

Heat will dry the hair and will cause breakage and also split ends. Going short or at least beyond the shoulder, as long as it is trimmed regularly is the best length option for fine hair. Short layered hairstyle such as a layered pixie or layered bob are some of the most appropriate short hairstyles for fine hair. A sleek layered pixie with side swept bangs looks great on straight fine hair. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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Short Bob Hairstyles for Fine Hair

2012 Bob Hairstyle Idea

Styling fine hair can be a challenge. It could turn out flat and lifeless when not styled properly. But this does not mean that if you have fine hair you can no longer wear sexy, trendy and fashionable hairstyles. There are a few tricks that you need to learn in caring for fine hair and tips you can get on how to choose the hairstyle that will suit your fine hair. In fact there are several sexy hairstyles for fine hair that you can try.

Keeping hair short is a girl’s best option if she has fine hair. The shorter fine hair is the fuller it will look. Luckily enough, short hair is such a big trend for several years now and is likely to continue to be popular in the coming year. And one of the sexiest short hairstyle is a short bob. Consider the following short bob styles for your fine hair:

Short Layered Bob Hairstyle
A soft layered bob is a modern take of the bob and perfect for fine hair. Layers remove the split ends, a common problem of fine hair and the graduated cut of a layered bob will add volume and life to the locks. In addition, a soft layered bob will draw attention to the facial features, and depending on the sculpting technique, will highlight come-hither eyes or luscious cheeks. It can also camouflage a pointed chin or a too prominent jaw. Since this is a low-maintenance haircut and takes very time to condition and shampoo it, you can have all the time in world to devote to its sculpting and styling.

Short Choppy Bob Hairstyle
A short choppy bob with irregular layers are best styled mussed up or tousled. Fine hair lends itself well to this style. There are also so many styles that you can try with a choppy layered bob, from the wild and edgy punk style to the more sedate mussed –up style. The tousled look of a short choppy bob creates the impression of more volume and thickness.

Sharply Layered Short Bob Hairstyle
A daring sharply layered bob will absolutely make fine hair look fabulous. It can either give you an unconventional and avant-garde hairstyle or a super sleek sophisticated do. Both sculpting options will bestow your fine hair with new life. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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