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Short Haircuts – Exciting Short Bob Hairstyle

Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

A short bob hairstyle is one of the most exciting short hairstyle. It may be an iconic and classic hairstyle but the modern take of the short bob makes it fresh and new and utterly exciting. It can make a girl look gamine and hoydenish or uber elegant and chic, the styling options is limitless for a short bob hairstyle.

A short bob, stacked or bluntly cut, is ideal for medium or thin straight hair but that does not mean that if you have curly hair, a short bob is not for you. With lots of layers and texture at the ends, the short bob will be a girl with curly hair’s best friend.

The exciting short bob is perfect for women with oval or square face shape but giving it some length will make it equally perfect for women with a round face shape. A chin- hugging sleek short bob or messy and tousled short bob frames the face beautifully. It is the perfect showcase for lovely facial features. And short bobs will look as exiting worn with bangs or even without it. Here are several ways to cut an exciting short bob hairstyle

Short Blunt Bob Haircut
A short blunt bob cut evenly allover paired with blunt bangs is one of the most exciting edgy looking bob. Keep it sleek, smooth and glossy to get the full benefits of this super fabulous hairstyle. It is also a bob cut that will suit almost all face shapes. For a round face, keeping the hair cut a little longer at the back and sides will give the face a more elongated look. For women with oval and narrow and longish faces, the blunt bangs should be cut full and long, almost grazing the brows to give an illusion of a shorter visage.

Short Inverted Bob Haircut
Considered one of the most popular exciting short bob is the inverted or stacked bob. It is cut very short at the nape while the sides are cut longer. A classic example of an inverted bob was made popular by celebrity fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, and more. In effect, an inverted bob is an asymmetrical bob. The excitement of an inverted bob can be derived from the variety of styling options it offers. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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