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Short Punk Hairstyles

Sarah Harding Short Punk Rock Hairstyle for 2012

Deciding to cut your hair short after months or even years of wearing your hair long can be nerve – wracking but totally rewarding. It is a makeover that will not only totally change your looks but your attitude as well. But going one-step further and experimenting on the sculpted short punk hairstyle is a most daring move that only those who are bold enough should try.

The short punk hairstyles for 2012 will look truly edgy and a real challenge to one’s styling skill and fashion sense as well as a great way to make a personal statement. Of course short punk hairstyles are not for everyone, so be very sure that this is really what you want. Usually it is the more open-minded younger set that is a bit of a non-conformist that chooses to rock these very eye-catching hairstyles. These are unique hairstyles that transcend mere hairstyling. It channels a young person’s individuality and creativity without concern for societal boundaries.

A short punk hairstyle for 2012 could be a wacky Mohawk, an asymmetrical crop, shaved sides or pulsating colors but all these have several things in common; they are fun, artistic, imaginative, absolutely different and totally attention-grabbers.. There are no rules that govern the wearing of short punk hairstyles. What is important is the hairstyle should express the wearer’s personality, suit her needs and motivated by something that comes from within.

Proof of short punk hairstyle’s popularity is the fact that some of the most fashionable celebrity icons have drawn inspiration for their most daring hairstyles from it. Some of these celebrity icons who love to rock short punk hairstyles every now and then to stay ahead of the game are Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Hayley Williams and of course Kelly Osbourne , a genuine punk. Kelly has always been known for her incredibly original punk hairstyles. Obviously she loves it and is having fun with it. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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