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Nicki Minaj Short Haircuts and Crazy Colors for Daring Look

Nicki Minaj Short Blonde Hairstyle

Nicki Minaj is a lady rapper known not only for her sometimes girly sometimes mannish like guttural voice but also for her extreme and sometimes outrageous hairstyles and vividly colored wigs. For this colorful feat, Nicki Minaj was given the title “Harajuku Barbie” and for her “musical” talent, the princess of R& B and hiphop.

Nicki Minaj’s hair colors range from a rainbow of different colors, to full green, red, yellow, orange, pink, blonde, grey, indigo and most recently black. Her ability to change hairstyles and hair colors from one day to the next, usually with the use of wigs, is truly amazing.

Her hair can go from short to medium to long, straight and bluntly cut, wavy to super curly, up in a bouffant towering updo.

But very recently this bold and daring pop singer sud...

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