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Endearing Short Haircuts of the 90s

Meg Ryan

When Demi Moore cut her hair into a very short crop style for her role in the movie “Ghost”, it triggered the veering away of hair fashion from the big hairstyles of the 80s. It was considered a very endearing short hairstyle that signaled the beginning of women’s love affair with the androgynous hairstyle. Demi’s cute boyish – looking short tousled hairstyle was a cross between a bowl cut and a pixie was a very flattering cut that women all over the world wanted for their own. This bold and daring woman who will sacrifice anything in the name of her craft stunned the world further when she totally shaved her head of hair for the movie “GI Joe”. But wonders of wonders, amazingly beautiful Demi pulled off a shaved head with aplomb and style, and gorgeously at that.

Another endearing short hairstyle of the 90s was Meg Ryan’s shag. The choppy layered haircut was messy at the center and front part of the hair and a very flattering hairstyle to almost everyone, particularly for girls with oval faces. Meg’s messy shag became a great favorite because of its simple sophistication. It was achieved by giving the hair a choppy bob cut with layered and angled pieces all around the head with a somewhat off-centered long fringe that gives the haircut refinement and softness. This endearing hairstyle of the 90s is perfect for fine to medium hair with natural delicate curls but can be modified to suit almost any hair texture and density as well as any face shape.

Meg Ryan & Linda Evangelista with the Famous Short Haircut Styles

Back in the late 80s when super model Linda Evangelista cut her hair into a short boyish baby bob, she lost most of her runway bookings. She got it all back when, within months, the boyish bob became a hit and was copied by women all over the world. In the 90s she appeared in the covers of leading fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue Italia and French Vogue among others in her well-defined short hairstyle. She was even labeled one of People Magazines “50 Most Beautiful People”. This flirty but subtle endearing hairstyle of the 90s with sharp angles and a somewhat broken fringe is a great hairstyle for women with strong jawlines that will suit even women in their 30s.

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