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Easy to Maintain Short Haircut Styles

Short Hairstyle for Summer 2012

Short haircuts are great for both men and women. Short haircuts for women come in different styles, a welcome development since women have different face shapes, personal preference as well as lifestyles and choosing one that will suit them becomes easy and problem- free. Short hairstyles are available for any hair type, facial shapes and features, personality as well as lifestyle. There are amazing short haircuts that offer a marvelous look, easy to style and low-maintenance. Check out the following:

Short Hairstyle Idea

• The undercut
The undercut is a perfectly modish short haircut that will suit women with strong personality and self-confidence. The undercut is a very amazing haircut that offers a lot of versatility in styling the hair since it is cut longer at the top while the hair at sides and back are cur short and close to the scalp. The undercut haircut is made more dramatic by the difference in the length of the hair on the sides and back as against the long hair at the top. The undercut is best on straight hair.

• The asymmetrical cut
Another amazing short haircut is an asymmetrical cut. It is a fantastic haircut to emphasize a unique personal style and cool personality. An asymmetrical cut on short hair paired with bangs, especially side-swept bangs look fabulous and ultra stylish.

• The buzz cut
The buzz cut is not exactly a cut for everyone since the very short crop or almost shaved head exposes the head and face shape very openly. But with women with very feminine facial features and beautifully shaped head, the buzz cut is an amazing haircut.

• The gamine cut
The gamine cut is a more classic short haircut with longish cut hair that can be sleeked and styled straight for an elegant, simple and ultra feminine look. The gamine cut looks adorable in several facial structure and shape. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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Adorable Short Haircuts for Perfect Short Hair Look

Fringe Hairstyle - Short Hairstyle with Bangs by Keri Hilson

Nothing can instantly give a new lease of life on dull and lifeless tresses than a refreshing short haircut. The 2012 adorable short haircuts, your magic solution to split ends and unmanageable hair texture, are also trendy and chic haircuts that will boost your self-confidence. A pixie or short crop hairstyle and the graduated short hairstyle are two of the 2012 adorable short hairstyles that will not only ensure that your hair stays healthy but also become your style statement for the season.

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