Summer Short Haircuts for Black Women

Keri Hilson Lob Hairstyle for Short to Medium Hair

Black women are known to be very style-forward when it comes to hairstyles. Their awesomely lovely jet black hair could be one reason why the hairstyles flaunted by black women are absolutely amazing. Short hairstyles for black women are just the perfect cut and style for their ravishing black hair. These short hairstyles make these dusky beauties absolutely elegant and chic.

But like their Caucasian counterparts black women too need to take into consideration their facial shape when choosing the perfect short hairstyle that will look flattering on them. There are short hairstyles that will suit only specific face shapes but there are those that will look great on any face shape. But most short hairstyles are very versatile and can therefore be modified with bangs or fringes to adapt to any face shape. Here are examples of summer short hairstyles for black women that are absolutely fantastic:

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  • Terrie Baker  says:

    Short and cute hair styles i am looking for

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