Short Yet Feminine: Sassy Hairstyles

Sassy Short Hair

When hair is cut into a short style, it is vital that you go to a hairstylist who is experienced. Short hair can be a disaster if the cut is not well done. Women want to have that sleek, short and sophisticated look but not at the expense of femininity. The good news is that one does not exclude the other. There are many short styles that are extremely flattering for most facial shapes. Short hairstyles accentuate a long, slender neck. It also presents your face without the distraction of hair framing the face.Depending on your skin coloring, you may want to have a strong color in your hair or a softer tone. Although the two extremes of white or platinum and black often make for an eye-catching color, softer, mixed tones are also beautiful. Coloring a pixie a honey gold, a coppery red or a chocolate brunette is very feminine. You can also opt for a two-tone silver blond with dark roots to get a startling effect. Whatever your imagination produces, a pixie can and will be very feminine. This softer look can easily be enhanced with a minimum of makeup. Soft, pink lipstick and barely-there blush, mascara to illuminate large eyes all adds to vulnerability.

Short Sassy Hairstyle

Do not mistake femininity with weakness, however. You can look very sensitive but have a backbone of velvet-covered steel. This short hairstyle can let you be anything you want to be. Yes, you can also be extremely sexy wearing a short mop. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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