Short Trendy Haircuts for Fall and Winter

Tiffany Fallon - Short Hairstyle with Bangs

The short hairstyle mania has not abated. Some of the trendiest hairstyles for fall are short hairstyles which is not really surprising. These amazingly trendy short hairstyles provide women with some great advantage such as low-maintenance, easy and speedy styling and so much versatility that with one great short haircut a multitude of styles can be created. In addition, there is always a short trendy hairstyle that can be found to suit a particular face shape and hair texture. Here are two of the trendiest short hairstyle for fall:

Short Sassy Bob Haircut Style
The classic bob is an undying hairstyle but the short trendy hairstyle for fall and winter 2012 is the sassy bob or the inverted bob, the favorite bob hairstyle of celebrities. An inverted bob can be classic or layered and great for all types of hair – thick or thin and works well for all hair texture.

A classic sassy or inverted bob is cut shorter at the nape than the sides and front. The sides are cut straight and longer at an angle that drapes down the jaw line and brushes the chin. It is an edgy haircut that is best styled with a side part. This eye-catching short trendy hairstyle for fall and winter 2012 is most flattering for women with oval or heart shape face and with strong and distinct features. The layered sassy bob will do wonders for limp or thin hair since it provides hair with a lot of volume. For this haircut, the hair is again cut short at the back but with the front and sides given a lot of layers to provide the volume. It is best given some highlights to add more zest and liveliness to the style.

Cute Pixie Haircut
The cute pixie is a very short haircut that is for the bold and daring. It takes a lot of confidence to rock this short trendy hairstyle for 2012. It is the kind of hairstyle that opens up the face to display the unique and distinctive facial features of the wearer. A cute pixie will work well for straight hair as well as for wavy hair and can be worn sleek or tousled.

A cute pixie is for the young and adventurous who is not afraid to rock an androgynous hairstyle and still look feminine and sexy. This short trendy hairstyle is best for women who are always on the go with very little time to spend primping and preening in front of a mirror every morning. It is a haircut that is very low-maintenance but very high in style and great for women with oval, hear or even round shape face. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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