Short Tousled Hairstyle for Summer

Mid-Length Hairstyle Idea for Summer 2013

Short haircuts are some of the trendiest hairstyles for summer 2012 but a short tousled hairstyle is probably the most sought-after and preferred of all the short hairstyles. There is no mystery to girls’ fascination with short tousled hairstyles. It is a super sassy and sexy hairstyle that brings out the confidence, intelligence, assertiveness as well as the glamour of the wearer.

The short tousled hairstyle for summer 2012 can be a short tousled pixie, perfectly typified by Halle Berry’s pixie. It can also be a short tousled bob beautifully modeled by Charlize Theron, Heidi Klum and Keira Knightley or a tousled shag haircut as rocked by the very lovely Alexa Chung. A tousled pixie, bob or shag are perfect for women with naturally wavy hair but it can be very well executed too on straight hair with the help of some products and the proper styling. In fact a short tousled hairstyle for straight hair gives added volume and texture to straight hair.

Tousled Look for Short Hair

If it is a flirty and romantic look that you want to project, then a short tousled hairstyle is exactly what you need. This very versatile chic hairstyle can be worn with or without bangs, with a center or side part and with all types of hair color. It can be made to suit any facial shape depending on the cut and styling. The beauty of a short tousled hairstyle is its adaptability as well as its easy maintenance. It can be a wash-and-go type of hairstyle for the busy women who have very littletime to spend preening in front of a mirror messing up with their hair. It can also be a very sophisticated hairstyle that is appropriate for any red carpet or formal occasion such as a wedding with the right styling and use of hair products.

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