Short Shaggy Hairstyles for Messy Looking Hairstyle

Kimberly Caldwell short shaggy hairstyle

A short shaggy haircut is a fun and messy hairstyle that is not at all short of sexy and allure. The just got-out-of-bed look is not only easy to wear but easy to care and manage too. It requires very little styling to look wonderfully chic and uniquely stylish. The short shaggy hairstyle is fuss free, wash and wear easy and a perfect hairstyle style for the busy yet trendy woman. It is a true power cut, the ideal style for female presence in the boardroom.

Lisa Rinna Short Shaggy Hairstyle

The spiky effect of a shaggy haircut adds extra height and texture to the hairstyle. It is created using razors and not scissors. Most short shaggy haircuts have layers that frame the face with some layers on the back for a more harmonious vibe. The layers farthest from the crown are usually the longest to make the cut sleek and smooth and allows for more movement.
Lisa Rinna’s sexy shag was one of her attractions in the Dancing with the Stars. Like Lisa’s super sexy shaggy hairstyle, a messy looking shag haircut is very versatile to accommodate every girl’s individual style. Lowlight or highlights are a great way to give the short shaggy haircut an edgy and funky look at the same time adding shine and depth to the hairstyle
Short shag hairstyle with longer layers caressing the face and cheeks will diminish the square look of a square face by highlighting the cheekbones. When cut with plenty of layers at the crown of the head, a short shaggy hairstyle adds height. It can also be styled with bangs or without bangs, short layers or long layers; the choice is in the wearer.

Kimberly Caldwell Short Shaggy Hairstyle

The beauty of a short shaggy haircut is that it does not limit your choices of hairstyles. Depending on the styling products that you use, you can create different hairstyles day in and day out. A spray of some volume enhancing product can enliven and put a spark in your hairstyle that will be great for an evening out. On the other hand, smoothing gel over your short shaggy haircut will slick back your hair for a day at the office. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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