Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair, Pixie, Shag, Wedge Haircut Style

Wedge Hairstyle Idea

Thick hair poses some problems in the choice of a haircut or hairstyle. Its excessive bulkiness, heaviness and uncontrollable wavy patterns are only some of the styling challenges of thick hair. But thick hair is actually a blessing rather than blight as long as you know the right hairstyle to choose. In fact you can use the volume of thick hair as an advantage rather than a disadvantage. Short haircut is perfect for thick hair. It will reduce the hair’s volume and weight. Here are several short hairstyles for thick hair:

Crop or pixie hairstyle

A crop or pixie hairstyle is perfect for thick hair especially if you have a small face with regular features. Since a crop or pixie haircut is cut very close to the head, the hair’s bulk is lessened and the weight reduced. Plenty of soft layers can be created on a pixie hairstyle for thick hair to reduce the bulk of the hair. A pixie or crop haircut is sexy, chic and stylish and one of the best short haircut for thick hair but only if you are comfortable with such a short and dramatic haircut. A crop or pixie hairstyle for thick hair can be worn with or without bangs.

Shag haircut

A shag haircut is ideal for thick hair since it helps get rid of some of the hair’s volume and adds loads of texture. A shag haircut can be worn with or without bangs but thick hair looks great without bangs. When having a shag haircut, the hair around the face should be heavily layered to add angles and softness. If your hair is thick and curly, a shag haircut may not be your best option but if your hair is thick and straight, then definitely this is for you. A well-defined, separated shag haircut will remove extra bulk and give the hair height if you have thick straight hair.

Wedge hairstyle

A short wedge hairstyle is another short hairstyle most suitable for thick hair. It is actually an interesting mix of layered haircut and bowl haircut and is closely associated to a bob. It‘s most distinctive feature from a bob is its being very angled. It adds height as well as a delicate facial lifting. The layers reduce the weight and volume of the hair and provide a lot of flow and movement.

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