Short Hairstyles for Girls Over 30

Jenny McCarthy bob hairstyle idea for girls over 30

Girls in their 30s are at the peak of their femininity. These women are also the go-getters who are on their way towards achieving professional success and the trend setters in style and fashion. Their busy lifestyle demands an easy maintenance hairstyle such as the short hairstyles that are very trendy these days. Short hair for women over 30 are not only easy to style and maintain, they are the perfect hairstyles for the self-confident women over 30.

Girls over 30 are very active women; business owners and managers, professional career women, busy wives and mothers. They all have very demanding schedules that call for hairstyles that do not make too much demand on their time. Short hair for women over 30 are wash-and-go hairstyles but are ultra glamorous and gorgeous that make them standout whether at work or at play.

These short hairstyles for women over 30 could be anything from a crop pixie to a short bob and are made more attractive with hair color that best accentuate the beauty and structure of the cut. Short hair for women over 30 are not only easy to maintain and style but also very flexible and versatile. They can be worn smooth or tousled, with or without bangs, choppy or blunt all of which are super stunning and attractive.

Short hair for women over 30 flatters almost all face shapes. Its versatility allows it to be modified with the addition of fringes or bangs to either accentuate or highlight a woman’s best features such as the eyes or a sculptured cheek bones. Fringes also hide or camouflage some imperfections such as a wide forehead or a longish face. Short hair for women over 30 are perfect for women with thin hair but with the right cut and style will also be great on thick hair. They are most suitable for all type of hair texture; straight, wavy or curly. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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