Short Hairstyles for 2012 Summer and Fall Season – Side Bangs

Bob Hairstyle with Bangs - Great Short Hairstyle for Summer

Short hairstyles with side bangs are some of the sexiest and sassiest hairstyles ever. They are also some of the hottest hairstyles for several seasons now. This could be because a short hair cut gives such a liberating feeling. You need less time to style short hair and less hair product as well. Providing a short hairstyle with a wide side bangs is one way to upgrade the cut and make it different and fun.

Cute Looking Short Hairstyles with Side Swept Bangs

One short hairstyle for 2012 summer & fall with side bangs is the classic bob. This hairstyle looks great on women with round, square and diamond faces since the wide side bangs create an arc over one side of the face camouflaging the fullness of the cheeks and giving an illusion of a more elongated face shape. But a bob with side bangs also look fabulous on women with long oval faces as long as the bangs are fuller on the forehead before they are swept to the side to hide the somewhat wide forehead usually found on oval faces.

The bob short hairstyle for 2012 with side bangs is such a flirty and sassy hairstyle that is super elegant at the same time. The bangs should be soft not blunt and gently swept to the side grazing one eye in a peek-a-boo fashion. This style highlights the eyes and softens the contours of the face.

Side Swept Bangs for Formal Events

Not to be outdone as a short hairstyle with side bangs is a soft and feminine boyish cut such as a pixie. Give the bangs some highlights and have it heavily layered coming from a deep side part to give the style a flirty and fresh look. The long and wide side bangs contrast beautifully with the shorter back and sides that gives a pixie a more modern and contemporary vibe. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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