Short Haircuts Updos, Tips on How to Style Your Hair

Scarlett Johansson Short Updo Hairstyle

Styling short hair into an updo for more formal occasions may not be a breeze, but neither is it a total impossibility. Short hair is versatile enough to be dressed up formally for an elegant event. All that are needed are; imagination, the right hair products and glam hair accessories. Here are some short hair updo ideas that you can try:

• For hair that is a bit longer, you can stack it on top of the head with some wispy pieces framing the face, or comb it upwards and tie it with ribbons.

• If the hair is not long enough to be pulled up, your best bet is a quiff hairstyle. Create a quiff by teasing the roots of the front hair section and combing it back from the face. Set the quiff with hair spray.

• Another short updo idea would be combing all the hair upwards to the crown of the head and securing it with a jeweled headband

One very important element of short hair updos is hair product. Smoothing hair products can be used to control curls and frizz for curly hair, hairsprays are used to set the hairstyle and provide a soft and more natural finish look to the style. For extra fine short hair, before it can be styled into an updo, applying molding clay or an extra hold gel will give it more volume.
Headbands, hairpins, combs, barrettes particularly those with glitter and sparkle are hair accessories that are also essential to creating short hair updos. They not only hold the hair in place, they also add dazzle and color to the hairstyle. But in choosing the hair accessory to adorn a short hair updo, other bling -blings as well as the outfit that you will be wearing should be taken into consideration. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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