Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Taylor Momsen short haircut style idea for girls with a thick & fine hair.

Thick hair is voluminous and bulky. At times it is even wiry and quite difficult to manage especially when it is allowed to grow long. But cutting thick hair to a short hairstyle also tends to make the hair look puffy. Even bangs on thick hair can be problematic. It never lies flat and puffs up a lot, almost overpowering the entire face.

In spite of all these disadvantages, there are many short hairstyles for thick hair that will be suitable for your thick hair that will ease some of the annoyances that thick hair brings.

Short Crop Hairstyle
A short crop hairstyle is one of the best short hairstyle for thick hair, especially if it is cut with plenty of layers. The layers tend to thin out the hair and allow it to cling more closely to the head. It is usually cut very short on the nape and sides with strands cut a little longer at the top. This short hairstyle for thick hair gives a very gamin look to the wearer that highlights the beauty of the eyes, cheekbones and a swan-like neck. A short crop haircut styled as messy or tousled like Halle Berry’s signature crop is a great way to lessen the bulk of the hair. But it can also be styled in a sleek, smooth style with the use of mousse or other holding hair product. Wispy bangs are great elements to add to a short crop haircut to tame the hair and polish the look.

Short Bob Haircut
Yes, the very versatile and classic looking bob, is also a great short hairstyle for thick hair, simply because a short bob suits almost all type of hair texture and flatter almost all face shapes. A short bob on thick hair is a very sophisticated and chic hairstyle that will add appeal to the strands as well as make styling of your thick hair easier. A short bob on thick hair can be added with bangs or kept in one length, and both styles can look attractive and exquisite depending on what the shape of your face requires. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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