Short Haircuts for Summer

Short Summer Hairstyle Idea - Cute Pixie Cut

Summer is a great time to have a short hairstyle because it is one best way to a combat the heat of the season. The fact that short hairstyles are also very trendy hairstyles in the past several seasons and are predicted to be as hot this year makes it very desirable to have a short hairstyle for summer.

The two most favored short haircuts for summer 2-12 are the pixie haircut and the short bob haircut, although an asymmetrical cut as well a buzz cut and short messy or tousled shag will also be great favorites. The popularity of a pixie and a short bob hairstyle is due to the numerous celebrities who have made these two iconic hairstyles their very own personal statement hairstyles.

Short Haircut for Summer – Pixie haircut
The short cropped pixie haircut is probably the trendiest short haircut for summer 2012 if popularity is gauged on the number of celebrities who have cut their hair short to sport the haircut. The latest of this long line of celebrities is the very cute and pretty Emma Watson. Other celebrity fashion icons who have pushed the pixie on top of the list are Halle Berry. Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Keira Knigthley, Jamie Lee Curtis, Victoria Beckham, Katy Holmes and a multitude of others.

A pixie short haircut for summer 2012 can be styled sleekly or given a messy tousled vibe. For girls with straight fine hair, a sleek pixie cut will give the hair added texture and volume. On the other hand a messy tousled pixie like Halle Berry’s is ideal for girls with thick wavy or curly hair. Choppy layers on a pixie haircut can lessen the bulk of thick wavy hair. This very hot short haircut for summer 2012 works well with any hair color and is a very quick to style and easy to maintain.

Short Haircut for Summer – Short Bob Haircut
A short bob haircut is the 2nd trendiest short haircut for summer 2012. The versatility of a short bob accounts for its extreme popularity. A short bob haircut can be a classic short, an angled bob, a short choppy bob, short layered bob, short curly bob or a short straight bob. All these short bob haircuts have one thing in common, they all look super sexy and sassy. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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