Short Fringe Hairstyles – Short Haircuts with Bangs are Trendy

Short Bob Hairstyle with Bangs-5

Fringe hairstyles for short hair are perfect for girls who are looking for a short hairstyle that is not only trendy but chic and flirty as well. The clipped back and side section of a short crop hair will expose the features of the face but the long bangs will provide the perfect balance and symmetry to the hairstyle. Long bangs also provide definition and subtle angles to the face, giving it a softer look.

Fringe Hairstyles – Lovely Short Hairstyles with Bangs

Another perfect combination is a layered bowl cut and long bangs, perfect long bangs for short hair style. The sculpted hair styling of a modern bowl created by the stacked layering at the back and sides gives the hair a luxuriant finish making the hair look smooth and healthy. The long bangs for short hair style, particularly long blunt cut bangs, are the perfect match for a sculptured bowl cut. This is a super edgy and sexy short hairstyle that is perfect for girls with a lot of self-confidence.

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