Short Crop Haircuts for Girls

Short Crop or Pixie Haircut Style

Crop hairstyles for girls will continue to dominate hairstyle trends this 2012. Its popularity could be credited to its easy styling and maintenance plus the fact that it is one hairstyle that looks great on almost any facial shape and suitable for any hair texture.

There are many types of crop hairstyles for girls to choose from. If you are committed to try a short hairstyle at least once in your lifetime, take a look at some of these crop hairstyles and select one that will best flatter your face shape, lifestyle and personality.

Choppy Crop Short Haircut Style
A choppy crop hairstyle is super modern and edgy, the perfect hairstyle for that inner rebellious spirit inside you. It is also the ideal haircut for fine or thin hair since it gives hair texture and volume. Choppy crop hairstyles can be given a punk-like vibe but can also be styled smoothly and sleekly. This cut will not limit your styling options at all, as long as you have the right hair product to create and sculpt your hair in a style that best suit your mood.

Cute Pixie Crop Short Haircut style
A pixie crop is super cute and will give you a gamin look but it can be as chic and fashionable depending on your choice. A pixie is a crop hairstyle for girls of all ages, from the very young to the not so young. It can be worn with or without bangs, short or long bangs and would look great for any hair texture, straight, wavy or curly and can also be styled in so many different ways – messy or tousled to sleek and smooth.

Stylish Short Bob Haircut Style
A stylish short bob is another crop hairstyle for girls that will be very much in demand this coming spring and summer season even by women of all ages. A very short crop bob can be cut bluntly or given a graduated look, with bangs or without bang, messy or sleek, again styling will depend on your mood and desire.

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