Short But Sweet Short Haircuts for Cute Look

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If you’re ready to embrace an easy –to- manage and low-maintenance haircut, then give the short but sweet hairstyles a try. The cool bob, sexy shag and trendy pixie are the gods’ gifts to female shakers and movers who do not have much time to primp in front of the mirror but need to look their impressive best every time they step out of the house.

Short but sweet haircut styles are also the answer to bad hair days. To be more graphic, with these short but sweet hairstyles, bad hair days are things of the past. There are enough styling trends for crop pixie, tousled shags and short bobs that guarantees to flatter any and all face shape, at the same time be appropriate for a particular career or lifestyle.

Kimberly Caldwell with a Short Shaggy Haircut Style

True, these short but sweet hairstyles require a bit of audaciousness and boldness from you but on the other hand wearing a perfectly styled short and sweet pixie or bob would give you a much needed self confidence. To know that you look good and stylish is reason enough to be confident in your own skin. The limitless styling options open to these short but sweet hairstyles also account for its boundless popularity.

Carey Mulligan with a Short Pixie Haircut Style

Experimenting on the numerous styles available to pixie , shag and bob is one pleasurable pursuit that you will surely enjoy. Imagine looking funky and edgy one day, sophisticated and classy the next day. And as long as you pick the style that complements your face-shape, these short but sweet hairstyles will always be an attention – grabber every time.

Jenny McCarthy Bob Hairstyle

The availability of a wide range of styling tools and products also make these short but sweet hairstyles very desirable. Curly hair can easily be straightened or straight hair curled thanks to flat irons and curling irons, even hair rollers/curlers. For your hair sculpting experiments there are hair wax, mousse, sprays and other texturizing products to make the endeavor easy and breezy.

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