Short Blonde Hairstyles Trends

Short Summer Hairstyle - Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Surely, there was once in your life when you wanted to be a dizzy blonde. It is the ultimate in hair color glamour that brings to mind the likes of Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated blond goddess. Luckily, there are enough blond shades to choose from, and surely there will be a shade that will suit your skin tone. Blonde hair gives hair a very bouncy and lively quality and with shades ranging from platinum to golden to strawberry blonde and more, women have a whole range of shades to choose from.

If you’re contemplating going blonde, why not go the whole route and get yourself a short blonde hairstyle. Short hairstyles are hot and trendy for some time now and from all indications, will continue to be very popular all the way to 2012. The combination of short haircut and blonde hair color is superb.

The beauty of a short blonde hairstyle, aside from its being stunningly striking is its easy styling and maintenance. The light color of a blonde hair showcases the gorgeousness of a short hairstyle. Blonde hair, any shade of blonde, will have a fresh and pristine look with a short hairstyle. And it will look more stunning with different shades of blonde combined together in one head of short hair.

A lot of celebrities have proven how a short blonde hairstyle can be a real attention-getter. Katherine Heigl, made illustrious by her dramatic makeovers is now a platinum blonde. She cut off her long tresses and is now sporting a short blonde pixie that is sometimes styled as a short spiky blonde pixie, probably the best hairstyle Katherine Heigl has ever rocked. Another celebrated blonde is Pink. Although this American singer has sported almost all hair colors in the sun, she has made a sassy short blonde hairstyle her very own signature hairstyle. Of course there is Mena Suvari who rocked a blonde sleek bob with blunt bangs when she was seen at “The Rodeo Drive Walk of Style” to honor Missoni and Iman. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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