Radical Short Haircuts Makeovers

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No makeover would be complete without a new hairstyle or cut. The most daring and brave choice for those with longer hair is to go short. It shows you are dramatic and daring and can face anything that comes your way. This is perfect for those who are ready to start again with a fresh new life and a fresh new look.

Changing the length of your hair will change the impression you leave on others. You will definitely be the center of attention. It will also give you more time to focus on those important changes you need to make for yourself and not on your hairstyle.

Just knowing you look good will give you super confidence and a major boost in your self-esteem. A new hairstyle can change the way you look and feel about yourself and how you show your personality to others. Add the right color and you can soar. You will be able to walk into a crowd and totally take charge of the situation.

For those who are feeling amazingly adventurous, it is time to try an asymmetrical bob with straight or side bangs. Add to this a deep red or maroon color and you will definitely be a knockout no man can resist looking at. Cutting off the old, out of shape hair will give you a natural and healthy glow you were missing out on. You will look and feel more trendy than you have before. For those who have curls, the asymmetrical is still a perfect choice, simply flat iron it straight and flip your bangs to the side. The more attractive you is hiding underneath those long difficult strands of hair. Isn’t it time to let yourself come out and be free to be who you always wanted to be? Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

One comment to Radical Short Haircuts Makeovers

  • Carol  says:

    Actually I did decide to go radically short and did it on Jan 2, after 48 years trying to grow my very thin hair. It never got much below my shoulders and seemed to be getting even thinner to the point I realized it was gross. After some tweeking the cut to see what I like, I think I’m going to settle on about 1/2 inch on sides & back and 1 1/2 inch on top, but maybe even go to 1 inch on top. It really looks great with such thin hair. It fluffs up now on its own & looks much thicker than it really is. I don’t put anything in it. But some times for fun I do to get it to stand straight up. Surprisingly I like that look & find it quite feminine. A little grease and it spikes. Not really me, but fun sometimes. As someone who actually likes my gray, cutting it very short has done wonders for enhancing the gray! I guess there was more gray on the underside than I realized. The gray really shows up now as salt & pepper and does not look brown any more at all. Going radically short has done wonders for my hair! I’m loving it! LOL but I look at a lot of these photos and think boy these people have long hair compared to mine! I do mean to keep it way short, It works well with the thin hair. But I must admit, If I HAD inhereted my Dads good hair genes, I would have kept it long!

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