Modern Short Haircuts for Winter

Short Hairstyles 2013 - Short Haircut Idea 2013-14

Short haircuts are not new. It has been a hot trend for some seasons now. But this winter, modern short haircuts are top on the list of what will be the most sought-after hairstyle for the season. Maybe because short super sleek or tousled or mussed- up are such great choices that will give you a myriad of styling and sculpting options.

The striking close – crop pixie, whether cut straight, smooth and sleek like what Carey Mulligan used to have or wavy and tousled like Halle Berry’s and Alyssa Milano’s cute crop is one modern short haircut for winter that is a genuine statement hairstyle. It is a great hairstyle for a woman who is not afraid to be the center of attention. A hairstyle that is bold and daring but cute and sweet at the same time.

A delicately layered short hairstyle is another modern short hairstyle that gives a completely different vibe, a more sensual and sexy vibe but subtle and restrained. It provides the face with a perfect frame and accentuates lovely facial features.

The spiked short modern haircut for winter is a totally different story. It is an edgy hairstyle that is the perfect punk rock look especially when paired with a short fringe that barely grazes the forehead. It is a hairstyle not only for the young but also for the not so young. Jamie Lee Curtis, Sharon Stone, Anette Benning are only three of the not so young celebrities who can that an edgy spiked short modern haircut will look great for women of all ages.

What can add zest and life to a short modern hairstyle for winter is fringe or bangs. Have a short fringe that barely graze the forehead, or bluntly cut full and heavy bangs, or long and layered swept to the side falling over one eye. They are perfectly matched with a pixie, a short bob, layered or bluntly cut and of course a spiky short hairstyle.

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