Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

Short Summer Hairstyle Idea - Long Pixie Cut

Contrary to the common belief that all short haircuts are low maintenance haircuts, there are only specific short haircuts that can be considered as low maintenance and ideal for busy women. Depending on the style, some short haircuts can be very demanding and time-consuming to style and maintain. Check out the following haircuts that can really be considered as low maintenance short haircuts:

Short Pixie Haircut
A short pixie is a very functional and stylish haircut that is absolutely low maintenance. It’s a wash and go haircut that does not even need time to dry and style. In spite of the very short, close to the head cut, a short pixie can look very sexy and feminine or punk-like and edgy, sleek and smooth or tousled and messy. All these styling techniques are easy and quick to create with little or almost no hair styling product required.

Short Sleek Bob Haircut
Another low maintenance short haircut is a short sleek bob. This too is a wash and go hairstyle that requires very little time to style. It can either be air – dried or blow dried with little or almost no styling product required. This haircut though needs to be combed or brushed with inward motion while it dries to achieve the cap-like look. Long blunt bangs or long side-swept bangs can be added to the cut depending on the face shape of the wearer.

Short Shag Haircut
Another extremely low maintenance short haircut is a short shag haircut. It is a simple haircut given choppy layers in different lengths. It can vary in length from five inches to a length reaching almost to the shoulders. The secret to this haircut is in the cutting technique. Once the desired effect is achieved by a perfect cut, styling and maintaining it is quite easy and effortless. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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