How To Do A Pixie Hair Cut On Your Own

Michelle Williams - Short Style in 2013

A pixie hairstyle is one of the most popular short hairstyles amongst women. The pixie is also popular among celebrities and is worn by Halle Berry, Sharon Stone and Victoria Beckham. This hairstyle is very popular on the red carpet which makes it a very exciting hairstyle to wear. Since the pixie is not very difficult to cut it is possible to do it on your own. The following are some guidelines on how you can go about it. If you have never cut your own hair before it may be better to go to your local salon but if you have cut hair before this can be an opportunity to try something new.

The first thing you need to do is wash your hair and then dry it with a towel. The idea is to keep the hair damp. When hair dries it shrinks which can cause you to cut out more hair than you really want. When cutting a pixie, you have to start from the front center of your head moving downwards at an angle around the borders. Cut the hair at an angle so that it goes below the top part of the ear. The next thing is to create the layers. You can do this by cutting the hair vertically at the back and at the sides. It is easier to start from the back moving towards the sides. You can make layers all over your head until you have got the hair size you want.

Check this video where Natasha shows us, how easy you can get a short pixie haircut if you already have short hair :

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