Hot New Short Hairstyles That Rock This Season

Trendy style for short hair

Whatever your personal preference is for the way you wear your hair, you’ve got to agree that short hair can be fun, fabulous and sometimes simply fantastic! This season you’ll find plenty of cute, sassy and sexy short hairstyles to choose from that will fit exactly the powerful or professional image you’d like to portray. Here is some awesome short hairstyle information.

Trendy Short Hairstyle - Side Swept Bangs

Is Short Hair For You?

Some good news: if you’re one of the lucky women with a “perfect” oval face, you’re able to pick from any of the short hairstyles currently popular this season. For everyone else, be sure to work with a well-trained hair stylist who is adept at assessing what cut would suit your particular face shape and hair type best. The very cool “pixie” cut is works best for women with heart-shaped, square and oval faces. This cut accentuates delicate features, and is currently sported by ladies like Charlize Theron and Bria Murphy.

The classic “bob” haircut is currently hot but only when it has a messy look; adding blunt bangs or a fringe to this haircut keeps it trendy. The “demi-bob” is in too, like the unpolished bob haircut seen recently of Kiera Knightly – just a little longer than the shorter “bob” haircut currently worn by Karlie Kloss. Super-short, edgy cuts like the Pompador or “Fauxhawk”, made popular by Miley Cyrus and Pink are best worn if you are bold and ready to make a statement. Think shaved sides of the head and a teased middle for lift (remember to get the hairspray ready for this one!)

Going for sassy and sexy? Try a short choppy layered haircut with bangs, or the short, sleek, layered haircut with bangs like Elsa Pataky. It is quick and easy styling for those who want their short hairstyle to look good yet not take too much time to prep in the morning. It is very low maintenance.

Elsa Pataky wears one of the trendiest styles for short hair in 2013

Super Cute Short Haircut Style

How To Find Short Hairstyles That Rock

What’s the best way to find a hair stylist that will give you the latest, hottest short hairstyle of this season? Word of mouth. If you don’t know anyone personally who has wears a short hairstyle you can ask for a referral, ask around on social media; a wealth of information is available for those who ask! Whatever your face shape, flaunt your features with short, lively layers or flatter them with bangs and a bob, if you’re under the care of a great stylist.

Check out the hot hairstyles that rock this season. If you’ve never gone short before, you’ll love the feeling of freedom and energy you get from a fresh new look. Try one of these sensational seasonal short haircuts out – done properly, they are sure to change your world with attention and admiration. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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