High Fashion Short Haircuts

Great short Hair Idea at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The high fashion short haircuts for 2012 have a more risqué and edgier essence. But these short hairstyles will surely complement almost any hair type and facial shape and will be flattering both for the very young and even the not so young. High fashion short hairstyles for 2012 have a sexy allure but also have a gamine and cute appeal. These short hairstyles speak well for the creativity and trend consciousness of the wearer. The high fashion short hairstyles for 2012 include:

Micro crops are one of the most trendy high fashion haircuts for 2012 that will provide you with a lot of creative hair sculpting options. A micro crop will endow your face with a very distinct frame that will highlight your best facial features. it will surely be an attention-getter and will make you stand out from among the crowd because of the chic and sophistication of the haircut. A micro crop is perfect for fine thin hair since it provides the strands with added boost and volume in addition to giving the hair plenty of movement.

Short & Layered Choppy Haircuts
Short choppy and layered haircut styles are also among the high fashion haircuts for 2012. These short hairstyles breathe new life into thin hair but are also perfect cuts for slightly thicker hair. Choppy layers bring a new and more contemporary dimension to short hair giving the hairstyle a punk-like vibe. These choppy layers also provide a lot of movement to the hair resulting in a very minimal use of hair products plus making it very easy to maintain and style.

Short Angled Bob Hairstyles
Short angled bob made popular by the likes of Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and many other celebrity fashion icons is another high fashion haircut for 2012. It is a very low maintenance haircut but is ultra flattering to almost all facial shape and hair type. What differential a short angled bob also known as a stacked bob from all the other bob haircuts is its sassy and modern vibe. Hair is stacked up one on top of the other at the back creating volume at the back center of the head and tapers to very short layers as it gets closer to the nape. The front section of the hair is longer and falls at an angle towards the side of the face. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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