Halle Berry’s Trendy Short Hairstyles

Halle Berry - Haircut for Short Hair

Halle Berry’s iconic short hairstyle, in addition to her incredibly beautiful face and her super glamorous red carpet gowns, is one major reason why she is considered the darling of the media. Although she has worn her hair in longer lengths during the last few years, Halle is one Hollywood celebrity who has made a very short sassy hairstyle her very own fashion statement. Her very flattering, extremely sophisticated pixie crop has caught the fancy and admiration of millions of women around the world who dream of looking like Halle Berry.

During her “short hair period” Halle Berry has gone from short to super short experimenting in a wide range of styling techniques from straight to curled, spiked up or combed forward, messy to sleek hairstyles that perfectly showcase her close to perfect facial features.

Short hair like Halle’s is created by the skillful use of the razor. Only a razor cut can achieve that sassy flipped up style on Halle’s wispy short pixie. Not all type of hair can benefit from a razor cut. When the wrong type of hair gets a razor cut it may cause the ends to look wispier and become prone to split easily. One particular hair type that agrees well to a razor cut would be hair with the texture most African Americans like Halle Berry are gifted with.

In one interview, this talented actress and international beauty titlist revealed that the secret to her fabulous short hair is maintenance. According to her, there was a need to have her short hair trimmed or cut almost every 10 days since it grows out of the cut very fast. For her everyday style, Halle reveals that she prefers to have her hair spiked up with the use of some products for easy and fast styling. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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  • La'Angela Wolfe  says:

    I love the way Halle wears her hairstyles. I got mines cut and it looks now where near better than hers..

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