Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Rihanna - Pixie Cut Style

When you go for something as drastic as a pixie cut it can be easy to forget about how you’re going to deal with the growing out period. Pixie cuts might be cute – the shorter the better and if they’re good enough for Miley Cyrus well. . . . However, now that you’ve decided to grow it out it is important to equally embrace very stage of the process and keep switching style until it has eventually reached that place you want it to be. Some people dread the “in between stage” but you really ought to rise to the challenge.

Pixie Cut Style - Trendy Short Hairstyle

Patience is one of the key points to remember here. It might have only taken a couple of snips to deposit your beautiful long locks on the hairdressers floor but it is going to take a lot of time and patience for it to grow back. Giving yourself a good head massage before bed can not only stimulate the amount of blood flow to your scalp and help your hair to grow back faster and stronger but it is always a terrific way to unwind.

Remember that:

  • Hair only grows about a half inch each month for the majority of us – some lucky ladies might get more with the maybe even a full inch of hair growth each month.
  • Don’t necessarily stick to the six week trim philosophy, leave it as long as possible before trimming maybe even waiting for three or four months. At this stage you should be ready for a short bob type style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your bob a little – texturizing spray can add an extra dimension and help to hide the uneven lengths. Try a new shade of hair color to steer the emphasis away from the length of your hair.
  • The short bob hairstyle will be with you for around 6 months. A few months later your hair will have grown into a neck-length style – once you reach this stage you are really back in business and might even decide to do the whole lot over again.
  • Don’t forget that there are other ways of dressing up a growing out pixie cut. Hats, berets, beanies, hair bands, slides and combs can all add a chic look to make your half grown out pixie cut extremely stylish. You can also do wonders with nothing more than a pot of mousse and a little imagination.

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