Funky Bangs for Trendy Hairstyle in 2014

2014 Funky Bangs Hairstyle

Some of us are a bit cheeky, and decide that our hair should make a bigger, bolder statement than the average woman. I’m one of those women. I love funky bangs – I have them, and they’re absolutely fun. I get complimented on them daily.

Choppy Hairstyle with Funky Bangs for 2014 Season

Funky Bangs for 2014 season

It takes more than a little courage to wear them; it takes a level of confidence as well. You won’t be able to hide behind your hair if your bangs are choppy or decorative. In fact, your bangs will draw people to stare at you and comment on them, so don’t get a your bangs cut like that if you are shy and don’t want the attention.

Funky Bangs Ideas for Winter and Spring 2014

Hairstyle with Bangs for 2014 SeasonBlunt Bangs for 2014 Season

Your hair doesn’t necessary have to have a particular style in order to have choppy, decorated bangs, though by default it is preferred. These styles stem from the basics – shag, cropped, bob, A-line – and are often colored brightly or rather wildly. Think about the gothic kids you see with green hair shopping for shirts with holes already in them, except not quite so extreme. Funky bangs make a statement, but they don’t necessarily have to make a gaudy statement; they can be artistic without raising eyebrows.

2014 Funky Bangs Ideas for Short Hair

Short Haircut Style with Side Swept BangsArqiva Commercial Radio Awards 2013 - Arrivals

This season choppy bangs were all over the fashion runways, as were vivid highlights. But really, we don’t need the fashion world to tell us it’s OK to be daring. Next time you go in for a trim, ask your stylist to experiment with your bangs. You don’t really have to hack all your hair off to add a little individuality to your look. You just need to have a bit of confidence. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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