Easy To Maintain Short Shag Hairstyle for Summer

Cute Short Shaggy Hairstyle for Summer

Short hairstyles are usually much easier to work with than long hairstyles, but the short shag has the benefit that it almost has to look messy. You should not mistake messy with lack of work, because there are some things that you still have to do to make sure that it looks great. One example of the “work” that you will have to do is to use the right products on your hair. They will make the process of getting the right look a lot easier.

Photos by Farouk Systems

The shag has been around since the 1970’s when Jane Fonda first showed it to the world in her movie “Klute”. Ever since, a lot of stars have followed suit, but the look really took off after Jennifer Aniston wore it on “Friends”. The hairstyle was then known as “The Rachel” because of Aniston’s character’s name in the sitcom. Of course the “Rachel” is only one variation of the many short hairstyles that can be called shag. It all depends on the length of a woman’s hair and the structure of her face, but it will look a lot better on women with round faces because it has a slimming effect.

The shag can add volume to the hair. The shortest hair will benefit from layers which will frame the face and even the back. When the hair gets a little longer then the woman has a few more options on how to handle her hair. Maintaining a short shag hairstyle incudes the regular use of shampoo and conditioner just like any other haircut; but you also have to make sure to visit your stylist with certain frequency to get it trimmed. Keeping up with the shag short hairstyles will ensure that you always look great in it. Make sure to ask your stylist to give your hairstyle some more personality so that the messy look can also be the best look for you.

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