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The Lob Hairstyle – Perfect Style for Spring & Summer

Karlie Kloss - Lob Hairstyle

Have you heard of the “lob”? The Lob is nothing more than a long bob hairstyle. The bob has been around for almost forever. Ever since the bold and daring flappers of the 1920s defied convention by cutting their hair and emulated the dancing legend Irene Castle, the bob has become a hairstyle mainstay generation after generation. It has evolved and has been adapted to the prevailing style and taste, but the bob has persisted.

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Hairstyles Ideas for Short to Medium Hair

Medium Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs

The facial features matter a lot with maintaining medium length hairstyles and for each face a unique style can be chosen. Some popular medium length hairstyles are the bob, shag and straight cut with each style having its down definitive variations. It is very easy to style mid-length hairs and the structure can be changed easily from wavy or curly to straight hair and vice versa.

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The Best Short Sassy Haircuts for Spring & Summer 2014

Sassy Hairstyle for Short Hair 2014

One thing to remember before rushing out and cutting off all of your hair is that not everyone can wear an extremely short hairstyle. Going from long, or even medium length hair takes some courage and should be done with some advice and research. Yes, hair does grow back, but it does take a while and a really short cut can take quite a while.

That said, getting a new short, sassy cut is a personal decision and is all about getting your dream hairstyle. If you see a style you want and believe will look gorgeous on you, then go for it.

There are a few things to remember when deciding on which type of short cut to get. Facial bone structure really can make a difference with a short style. Those with strong chins and striking features tend to do better with shorter hairstyles. Also, someone with a very round face may want to stay away from an extremely short cut.

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What’s New In Hairstyles for Spring 2014

Short Hairstyle for Spring 2014

The new haircuts for spring 2014 are fresh and sassy. These new styles run the gamut from the classy pixie to a messy layered wavy cut. The one underlying trend is layers.

The leading styles for 2014 are mostly layered looks which are flattering on most everyone. Depending upon your face shape, there’s sure to be a layered cut that will suit you and bring out your best features. If your hair does not do layers well or if you just prefer something different, there is always the modern bob with straight bangs.

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Trendy Short Shaggy Hairstyle For 2014

Shag Short Hairstyle 2014

A very popular hairstyle that is easy to maintain, as well as attractive, is a short shag. Regardless of your age, or the type of hair that you have, this haircut can really help you stand out in a crowd. The name was derived from the word shaggy, mostly because the layers of your hair are cut in irregular patterns. It gives a person a very bushy, shaggy appearance, a hairdo that is very popular today. However, with the new year right around the corner, you might be wondering if there have been some changes in this particular hairdo, modifications that will make you look even better.

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