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Updo Hairstyles & Styling to Achieve

Updo Hairstyle

If you want to look elegant in such simple manner, consider having updo hairstyles that can improve your look – and make you look different – without you having to do much. The updo style has been used in formal occasions before – such as proms or parties. But as fashion progresses, having an updo for your daily activities is also possible. In fact, the updo is now considered as the stylish fashion statement that can make you look different – in a good sense. There are several easy updo hairstyles that you can do on your own.

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Different Funky Short Hairstyles for Teens

Teens Short Haircuts

We have all had the phase in our life when we wanted to change up our hair and make it all unique and different. This is something that most teens go through and it is a headache when everything just seems like a blur. To help you teens out I have came up with a list of funky short hairstyles that teens can rock and not regret later on. It is important to take risks and try out new looks to see yourself in different ways. Today, I will be showing you a glimpse of different looks that you can take and try.

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Fresh and Sassy Short Hairstyles

Short Hairdo Cameron Diaz

It’s not easy to decide for a short hairstyle! It takes courage and confidence to chop long locks in to a cute brand new short hairstyle. There are many options on how to get a confidence for this big decision and one of them is to take a look at the celebrity stars who wear or have worn short hairstyles. Short hairstyles will never go out of fashion and this statement stands for 2014 season as well, so check some fresh & sassy short haircuts ideas and maybe you’ll find an idea for your new short hairdo:

Cameron Diaz – ...
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Updo Hairstyles for Summer Season

Gwen Stefani - Updo Hairstyle

Updo hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for 2014. They are not only great for proms, weddings, and formal events, they are also the most practical and cool hairstyles for day wear in the hot summer months. Any type of hair lends itself well to the updo hairstyles and who else then celebrity stars are your best muse to check the latest updos for summer season of 2014. Get some inspiration from the following celebrities and pick you favorite style:

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The Best Chic Short Hair Updos

Updo for short hair

Updos are chic and sophisticated, but if you have been browsing online for inspiration you would be forgiven for thinking that they are solely for women with for longer hair. However, there are several great styles which suit shorter locks. Here are a few of the most stylish.

The Stylish Twist

This style has all the glamour of a 1950′s movie star. It is also great for disguising hair which hasn’t been washed for two or three days, as the style will hold more easily if the hair is not squeaky clean. Start by making some loose curls then roll the front sections of the hair. Wrap the two rolls around the base of the head so that they meet the nape of your neck. Pin into place and tuck any loose hair into place to disguise the pins. This updo is...

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