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Short Choppy Haircuts 2015


Choppy hairstyles, as the name suggest give a chopped, uneven look to the hair. It is very popular among youngsters today. If you prefer not to have a very neat and tidy hairstyle, ‘choppy’ is the look for you. There are different choppy hairstyles possible depending on your hair length. Short to medium length hair is the best option for choppy hairstyles because of the versatility it offers.
There are various options to choose from with choppy hairstyles for short and medium hair:

2015 Short Choppy Hairstyle Idea by Chelsea Kane

Choppy Hairstyle for Short Hair 2015

· Choppy Hairstyles with Medium Layers: This hairstyle works best on straight hair. If your hair is not straight, the first step is to straighten it out with a flat iron. Then create layers by cutting off the hair at different lengths. Then it is time to chop, chop and chop. Create random, small snips to different potions of the hair to give a jagged, unfinished look.

· Choppy Bangs: Choppy layers can also be worn with bangs. Bangs add detail to the face and enhance overall appeal. Bangs can be of uniform length for a cute school girl look. But if you want something flashier, opt for bangs that are asymmetrical.

Hairstyling Tip: One hairstyling tip with choppy hair is to emphasize the chops with volumisers. So use volume building products on your hair. Adding volume particularly to the crown will help you carry off the style better.

· Choppy Bob Hairstyles: The bob remains the timeless and classic hair style of all times. What is amazing about the bob is that it can be combined with any number of cuts and combinations to give a truly contemporary hairstyle. Choppy bob cut is a bob with pieces of hair cut at different lengths to give an asymmetric look.

You can also opt for wilder bobs like the ones below; if you are convinced you have the ability to carry it off.
Though not very conventional, choppy hairstyles are for women who are very creative and want to experiment with the latest trends. However, choppy hairstyles require considerable care and attention. Use appropriate styling products for the hair to keep the hairstyle perfectly in place. Use texturising paste on the hair ends and the choppy strands to allow the asymmetrical portions to blend in with the overall do.

Go ahead. You are ready to make your own style statement with your short choppy hairstyle.

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Short Hairstyles 2015 with Side Swept Bangs

Short Hairstyle 2015 with Side Swept Bangs

Trendy Short Haircuts Ideas for 2015 with the Side Swept Fringe

Bangs are a great way to add style to your hair. Bangs are very popular because they transform the look of the hairstyle without changing the overall cut or length of the hair. Bangs are a great way to add personality to the hair.

Bangs are essentially created by taking a small portion of the hair from front and cutting short and allowing it to fall on the forehead. There are different varieties and styles in which the bangs can be created. Most popular styles of course are the full frontal bangs and side swept bangs. Short and mid-length length hair is very popular because of the versatility it offers. Adding bangs to your hairstyle gives you endless styling options. Short length hair can be combined with side bangs for a very stylish and sophisticated look. Check some great ideas on how to add side swept bangs to your short hairstyle in 2015:

Gloria Govan – 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea with Side Swept Bangs

Constance Zimmer – Bob Hairstyle Idea for 2015 Season with Side Swept Bangs

Bob Hairstyle 2015 - Side Swept Bangs

Mary J. Blige – hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs for the Winter Season 2015

Mary J. Blige - 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

Antonique Smith – Fringe Style for Short Hair 2015

Blonde Bob Hairstyle 2015

Jaime Pressly – 2015 Pixie Cut Style with Bangs on Side

Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangs 2015

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Medium Short Hairstyles Ideas for 2015

Medium Short Hairstyle Idea 2015

2015 Medium Short Haircuts for Chic & Sexy Look

Today, a modern woman is as busy as any man, if not busier. And those with the dual career of home and work, really have no time to spend hours in front of the mirror grooming themselves.
For that matter even college going teenagers spend no more than a few minutes combing their hair and applying basic make up that consists mainly of only the lipstick or lip gloss and eyeliner. And like the wind they are out of the house. No doubt, a necessary accessory in their handbag is their comb or hairbrush. this is more so to look neat than get into the intricacies of maintaining a style. But then, they also consider the easiest the easiest style they can maintain, which are usually the medium short hairstyles. Stylists have categorized this length of hairstyles as:

Jodie Whittaker - Medium Short Hairstyle

Romantic Bob:  This is an ideal style for the range of fine to wavy hair. However, thick hair will look to puffy, which is something definitely avoidable. This style goes upto the middle of the neck, with long layers.

Romantic Bob Haircut 2015

Paneling Style: This style is recommended for fine hair because of the edge-twists that provide volume. Short angular layers also look nice.

Medium Shag Style: except for those with curly and frizzy hair, this style works best on almost everyone else. The layers are created to suit almost all face shapes.

2015 Short Medium Hairstyle - Shaggy Hair

Wavy Shaggy Style: This style has been popularized by Hollywood actress – Meg Ryan. It is a messy and yet smart style meant for wavy and not too curly hair. Fine hair would generally give a scanty look.

Generally the varied hairstyles bob medium can be given a couple of layers to give a shape to the hair. And for those with limp and fine hair layered short bobs, and yet going towards the medium length looks chic and classy.

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Modern Short Hairstyles for the 2015: What Style Should You Wear?

Short Hair 2015

One of the most popular new styles are hairstyles with braids. Women are incorporating braids into all kinds of styles in all kinds of ways. They’re wearing elaborate braided updos, half updos and many other stylish braided styles. While many of these styles look complex, they’re surprisingly easy to wear.

Another very popular hairstyle is a-line cuts. These cuts are short in the back, and longer in the front. Some people wear them cropped very short in the back, while other people wear them longer. This is a hairstyle that looks good at a variety of lengths.

Elsa Pataky – 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

2015 Short Hairstyle

Pixie cuts have been on-trend for a while, and that should continue into 2015. While longer pixies were in style this year, in 2015, shorter crops will be more fashionable. You can expect to these these cuts combined with ultra-feminine jewelry, clothing, and makeup.

Pixie Cut by Michelle Williams – 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

Pixie Cut by Michelle Williams

Mid-length bobs are another popular style that doesn’t appear to be going away. This look will be bigger than ever in 2015. While many women were wearing this style with wavy locks in the past, you can expect to see poker-straight versions of this style in 2015. This is a very flexible style that is flattering with a variety of face shapes.

Mid-length Bob Hairstyle for 2015 Season by Sienna Guillory

Mid-Lenght Hairstyle for 2015 Season

If you want a new hairstyle for next year, you should take a look at one of these styles. There’s something that’s perfect for just about everyone. There’s no reason not to have a fashionable haircut that you love.

2015 Classic Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

2015 Classic bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

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2015 Short Hairstyles Trends: What Hairstyles Will Be Hot Next Year?


Short Haircuts Trends for 2015 Season

More and more women are opting to cut their hair short. Long hair can be a lot of work, and short hair can be much easier to deal with. However, women who do cut their hair want to make sure that their new styles are on trend.

One of the hottest hairstyles next year is a short, playful bob. Long, straight across bangs are especially hot. These bobs are usually cut to the chin and slightly above the chin, and can be styled in a number of ways. Many people opt to slick the bangs back with gel.

Another hot haircut for 2015 is an ultra short, boyish crop. These haircuts are very bold, and aren’t for everyone, but can make a big impact. They’re also incredibly easy to style. All you have to do is wash your hair, but in a little styling product, and you’re ready to go.

A-line cuts are extremely popular. They allow you to keep your hair longer in the front, but crop it very short in the back. This can make hair much easier to style, and leaves you with a fun and flattering hair style.

Shaggy bobs are also very popular. This stylish textured cuts have a lot of personality, and are very easy to style. They look especially nice on wavy hair, and require minimal product. All you need is a stylist who has experience cutting hair in these kinds of styles to get a great look.

Elsa Pataky – 201...

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