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Alluring Short Curly Haircuts for 2016 Season


If you have curly or wavy hair and are looking for a hairstyle this fall for an alluring make over, why not try cutting your hair short. Short curly hairstyles are very alluring and many of the most fashion-forward celebrity icons of our time realize this and have made short curly hairstyle their very own statement hairstyle. Choosing the best and most alluring short curly hairstyle for 2016 is a matter of preference, but without doubt, Halle Berry’s and Audrey Tautou’s top the list.

You have to thank the gods if you are one of those girls endowed with beautiful wavy or curly hair. All you need is a perfect haircut that will bring out the best out of your lovely curly hair. But girls with straight hair have no reason to despair. Achieving an alluring short curly haircut style is not totally impossible. They can always use hot rollers or even get a perm.

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Trendy Wedge Haircuts to Try


There are different types of short wedge haircuts that you can choose from:

A typical short wedge haircut – This haircut looks a lot like a short bob except that the hair is cut with layers rather than bluntly cut, but the layering is so gradual that the effect is almost like that of the bob.

A layered short wedge haircut – The label sounds superfluous but it is only to emphasize the heavy layering of the haircut. The hair at the back of the neck can be cut somewhere between 1/8 to an inch long and the rest of the hair heavily layered as it reaches the crown. Bangs for a layered short wedge haircut should also be layered.

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2015 Fall Hairstyles

2015 Fall Hairstyles

2015 fall hairstyles for girls are exciting and elegant. The real trendy hairstyles for fall 2015 are the chignon, volume into hair, the ponytail, different versions of wavy hairstyles, top knot and side braid.

The chignons have always been a hot trend during fall seasons. This hairstyle comes in many styles from the lovely and romantic look to flirty and sexy look. For the romantic and messier version of the chignon, you can check the runway from Dolce and Gabbana and Elise Saab. The runway shows showcase chic and elegant looking chignon hairstyles.

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Bangs are the Hottest Trend These Days


Bangs are the hottest trend these days when it comes to the classy hairstyles. Bangs are not just to enhance the overall look, they can be worn in different styles in order to make them more appealing. While the one length and brow skimming bangs cut across forehead normally comes and go with the trend, the side bangs are one that effortlessly stays in vogue as they are easier to manage than the short length bangs.

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