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2015 Hairstyles Ideas for the Teenage Girls

2015 Hairstyles for Teens

Teenage girls are always up for trying something new with their hair. Hairstyles are often influenced by such personalities as Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence or Pink. While teenage girls should not be hesitant to experiment with their hairstyle, they do need to consider more than just what the in style is. For example, no teen girl should wear a style that doesn’t suit her – no matter how popular it is, it won’t look good on her. She should also always make sure that it matches her personality and the amount of time she’s willing to put into maintaining the style.

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2015 Short Summer Hairstyles Trends

Pink with Pixie Cut

It may be pretty early to be thinking about the summer of 2015, but we can predict to some degree what to expect in hairstyle trends for the upcoming summer of 2015. Short hair will be much more comfortable and will be in style for this upcoming summer, but that does not mean that you will be reduced to a manly cut that curbs your own character and femininity. Singer, Pink, for example, is sporting a shining example of a beautiful summer cut, a textured pixie. Hair is cut very short on the sides and the back with longer hair on top of the head. Her sun kissed blonde tresses only add to the look. The pixie, dating back to the 1970s, and before that the 1920s, shows off your eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line.

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New Medium Length Hairstyles for 2015 Season

2015 Medium Hair

Medium length hairstyles are the ones which allow us to flaunt hair that is not too short, yet help us to experiment with styles that are not too difficult to maintain. We all love long tresses but with the kind of fast life that we are living, it is surely difficult to maintain long hair and spend hours at end to wear a nice style. Hence, medium length hair gives you the opportunity of get into a nice attractive hair style without wasting much time.

Some of the best and most popular hairstyles can be done with medium length hair such as classic bob cut which can look good on all face cuts. And there are so many other styles that can be done with medium length hair – you can make a bun, tie a pony tail, curl up the ends, tie up hair with a clip or just let your hair flow down. Whatever be the style, they are quite comfortable, convenient and at the same time also stylish.

2015 Medium Hairstyle Idea

 Tyra Banks

The best part about medium length hairstyles is that they compliment most face shapes. These hair styles can have a variety of different forms and can make girls look cute, pretty, smart and even sensual. You can have quite a versatile look with it, and they are even less easy to manage.

As medium length hairstyle is extremely flexible, hairstylists have options to use various methods to add to your medium length hairstyle. In fact, the best thing about medium length hairstyle is that you can be a different you at different times!

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2015 Casual Short Hairstyles


A casual short hairstyle is the kind of hairstyle that allows the hair to fall in its pure and natural shape and form. It is designed and created to be a low-maintenance and trouble –free hairstyle. It is free and easy and the kind of hairstyle that, with a little or no effort at all could make a woman look great and lovely. Casual short hairstyle is one that a woman would wear for a day out with friends- to the movies, at the park and even to a casual lunch or dinner. It can be created by razor cut, with layers or with a blunt cut and could be simple or daring.

2015 Casual Short Hairstyle Idea by Noomi Rapace

Noomi Rapace - Casual Short Style for 2015 Season

Casual short hairstyle for straight hair is one hairstyle that is full of life and will suit any laid back occasion or event. It can vary from; pixie cut, very short crop cut, fully layered, with or without bangs, funky and wild, razor cut, top heavy one-length cut, the style and look is limitless.

Idina Moncreiffe – Casual Short Haircut Style Idea for 2015 Season

Casual Short Hairstyle by Idina Moncreiffe

Casual short straight hairstyles are easy to create but elegant none the less. It is also a perfect solution to damaged hair since the regular trimming to maintain the style and shape will eliminate split ends. A delightful example of this casual bob straight hairstyle is one worn by actress Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts – Casual Bob Hairstyle Idea for 2015 Season

Emma Roberts - Short Hairstyle 2015

Emma’s’s sexy short straight hair beautifully frames her face. It is cut just close to the jaw-line with irregularly cut layers on the sides and back that adds volume and shape to the style.
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