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Hairstyles with Shorter Bangs


I don’t know why, but bangs are often a fussy, touchy subject for women. If I hear one more woman say to me “I need my bangs cut,” “I hate my bangs,” or even “Where are your bangs?” I just might go on a rampage.

We can never seem to make up our minds about this part of our hair. If it gets too long, we want it clipped; if they’re too short, we want to grow it out. If they get boring, we have them cut in a style, and then we regret it three days later when we realize we’d rather have bangs like the girl in the picture who’s probably wearing a wig. And then there are some of us who just refuse to cut our bangs at all, bringing back fond memories of Captain Caveman.

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Summer Hairstyles for 2015 Season

Summer is soon coming and it has been a long time coming! All of those cold nights and even colder days have really taken its toll on our hair and a little bit of sun is the perfect excuse to get back into the hair care beauty regime. After all, we all want our hair to look good when we are sat looking gorgeous by the side of a pool!

The good news is that both long and short styles have come into play for the summer of 2015. The bob is still very much in fashion but this has been around for some time and is sure to be on its way out very soon.

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2015 Hairstyles Ideas for the Teenage Girls

2015 Hairstyles for Teens

Teenage girls are always up for trying something new with their hair. Hairstyles are often influenced by such personalities as Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence or Pink. While teenage girls should not be hesitant to experiment with their hairstyle, they do need to consider more than just what the in style is. For example, no teen girl should wear a style that doesn’t suit her – no matter how popular it is, it won’t look good on her. She should also always make sure that it matches her personality and the amount of time she’s willing to put into maintaining the style.

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2015 Short Summer Hairstyles Trends

Pink with Pixie Cut

It may be pretty early to be thinking about the summer of 2015, but we can predict to some degree what to expect in hairstyle trends for the upcoming summer of 2015. Short hair will be much more comfortable and will be in style for this upcoming summer, but that does not mean that you will be reduced to a manly cut that curbs your own character and femininity. Singer, Pink, for example, is sporting a shining example of a beautiful summer cut, a textured pixie. Hair is cut very short on the sides and the back with longer hair on top of the head. Her sun kissed blonde tresses only add to the look. The pixie, dating back to the 1970s, and before that the 1920s, shows off your eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line.

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