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Pixie Cut, Hottest Hollywood Hairstyle for Short Hair


The pixie is the latest and hottest Hollywood hairstyle. A number of the most desirable and fashionable celebrity icons have cut their hair ultra short. It is a brave and daring thing to do considering that it takes a lot of guts to cut off the hair to a man’s length, and oodles of self-confidence to pull it off with élan. Here are some of these daring and bold Hollywood celebrities who have opted for the pixie as their look:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has joined Hollywood’s pixie-cut bandwagon that already have the likes of Hayden Panettiere, Carey Mulligan and Mia Wasikowska , among others on board. Emma Watson announced her new audacious look on Facebook. It is a super-sexy 60s super short hairstyle that Emma Watson admits was inspired by Mia Farrow.

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The Great Pixie Cut

The Short Pixie Cut

Pixie hairstyles are short haircuts! With short hair, your face is emphasized more and the shorter hair becomes a picture frame around the face. With short pixie haircuts you can have some curls alongside the face and ears so the curls softly frame it then the pixie styled hair can be flipped up at the ends for a sassy look. The hair can have that pixie look to it and be very sassy and gamin.

Short hair is fun and easy to style. A good salon will give you a great pixie haircut. And remember that healthy hair grows about one half inch per month on average if you don’t like the short cut it will grow out and you can try one of the other 2015 in-styles.

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Pixie Cuts and Bobs Will Be Popular This Summer

Vanessa Williams Pixie Cut

We keep coming back to the pixie cut, don’t we? Let’s face it: it’s popular. And it’s especially gorgeous, easy to maintain, and also makes a great gift to yourself. It shows that you’re bold, and fun, but it’s sexy at the same time.

Yet hairstyles tend to come and go. The pixie cut has been in for at least a few years now, and I personally hope it doesn’t go anywhere. Actually, for 2014, there seems to be another emerging short hair trend: the short bob haircut. I’m seeing a lot of this, and I can’t say I’m tired of seeing it as long as it’s unique. We don’t want to be clones of each other, do we? So if you’re going to get either done, make sure that it fits you in personality.

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Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Rihanna - Pixie Cut Style

When you go for something as drastic as a pixie cut it can be easy to forget about how you’re going to deal with the growing out period. Pixie cuts might be cute – the shorter the better and if they’re good enough for Miley Cyrus well. . . . However, now that you’ve decided to grow it out it is important to equally embrace very stage of the process and keep switching style until it has eventually reached that place you want it to be. Some people dread the “i...

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