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Pixie Cuts and Bobs Will Be Popular This Summer

Vanessa Williams Pixie Cut

We keep coming back to the pixie cut, don’t we? Let’s face it: it’s popular. And it’s especially gorgeous, easy to maintain, and also makes a great gift to yourself. It shows that you’re bold, and fun, but it’s sexy at the same time.

Yet hairstyles tend to come and go. The pixie cut has been in for at least a few years now, and I personally hope it doesn’t go anywhere. Actually, for 2014, there seems to be another emerging short hair trend: the short bob haircut. I’m seeing a lot of this, and I can’t say I’m tired of seeing it as long as it’s unique. We don’t want to be clones of each other, do we? So if you’re going to get either done, make sure that it fits you in personality.

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Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Rihanna - Pixie Cut Style

When you go for something as drastic as a pixie cut it can be easy to forget about how you’re going to deal with the growing out period. Pixie cuts might be cute – the shorter the better and if they’re good enough for Miley Cyrus well. . . . However, now that you’ve decided to grow it out it is important to equally embrace very stage of the process and keep switching style until it has eventually reached that place you want it to be. Some people dread the “i...

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Short Hairstyles for Winter and Spring 2013 – Get The Look Of Pixies


The only thing requiring less care than the medium length pixie is the ultra-short pixie. Super short, it frames any face in a wispy layer of hair. It brings forth especially well very expressive eyes and prominent cheek bones.

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Considering A Bob Or Pixie? – 2013 Short Hairstyles Trends

2013 Short Pixie Hairstyle Idea

If you can’t quite make up your mind how short you want your hair, you may want to opt for a length that’s between a bob and a pixie. This is a great alternative to determine what exactly you want to do with your hair. You know you don’t want it to be too short but you also don’t want to have the task of styling your hair every single day.

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