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Short Hairstyles Pictures 2015

short hairdo 2015

Latest Trendy Styles for Short Hair for Year 2015

If you have short hair and you’re asking yourself: Will short hair be in trend for 2015 season? Then you don’t need to worry, the answer is YES! Short hairstyles will be very much in trend in 2015! See the latest picture gallery of the trendiest celebrity short hairstyles at this moment  and pick your favorite style for 2015 season:

 Alison Sudol – 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

 Alison Sudol - 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

Kaley Cuoco – 2015 Short Pixie Cut Style

Kaley Cuoco - 2015 Short Pixie Cut Style

 Doona Bae – Blunt Bob Hairstyle for 2015 Season

 Doona Bae - Blunt Bob Hairstyle 2015

Sharon Osbourne – 2015 Short Haircut Idea

Sharon Osbourne - 2015 Short Haircut Idea

 Anne Hathaway – Side Swept Bob Hairstyle 2015

 Anne Hathaway - Side Swept Bob Hairstyle 2015

 Camila Alves – Short Haircut Idea for 2015 Season

 Camila Alves - Short Haircut Idea 2015

Georgia Lewis Anderson – Short Curly Hairstyle Idea

Georgia Lewis Anderson - Short Curly Hair 2015

Mary J. Blige – Trendy Style for Short Hair

Mary J. Blige - Trendy Style for Short Hair

 Taylor Swift – 2015 Wavy Hairstyle Idea for Short Hair

 Taylor Swift - 2015 Hairstyle Idea

Ana Beatriz Barros – Short Elegant Hair for 2015 Season

Ana Beatriz Barros - Short Elegant Hair

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Short Haircuts for Fall Season 2014

Fall Hairstyles for Short Hair

Latest Short Hairstyles Ideas for Fall from Famous Celebs!

Are you ready for a new look? Check it out how some celebrities went for a short hair style. This time we’re presenting a picture gallery with 30 super trendy short haircuts for fall season of 2014. Pick your favorite short hairstyle from these trendy pixie cuts, modern variations of bob haircuts or maybe some classic cuts or even some short crazy styles for short hair. Give yourself a brand new personality with these super hot short haircuts and let us know, which style would you pick for your next short hairstyle.

2014 Short Celebrity Hairstyles Ideas for Fall:

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Michelle Williams – Trendy Short Hairstyles Collection

Short Hairstyle for 2014 Season

2012 Golden Globes winner and 3 times Oscars nominee Michelle Williams is a living proof that having a short haircut style doesn’t mean that you are limited in hairstyles options. Michelle wears various types of short hairstyles for many years now and she always looks chic & sexy and most importantly, super feminine! Michelle Williams is a synonym for short hair and we can’t even remember how she looked when she had long hair, back in 2006. Pixie cut or bob hairstyle, short hair with bangs or without, Michelle’s short haircuts always look tremendous! Chec...

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Iconic Short Hairstyles – Bob Haircut Worn by Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham Made the Asymmetrical Bob Haircut the Most Popular Short Hairstyle for a Couple of Seasons

Victoria Beckham, better known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, has truly become a style diva. This has worked wonders for her efforts to launch a clothing line, but its not just her outfits that have an impact. Her hairstyle choices are also in the spotlight. For years, Beckham opted for lengthy hair extensions. However, this inevitably resulted in a hair tragedy at the 2006 World Cup. While supporting husband David Beckham, Victoria’s extensions started pulling out her natural hair. This left her with an unpleasant bald spot and the need for a new look. Then, Victoria brought the bob hairstyle back to life. As is her nature, Beckham has taken this classic cut and reinvented it for the modern woman. The traditional bob, which is a single length, simply didn’t suite Victoria Beckham’s style. So, she created an asymmetrical style.

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