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Latest Short Haircuts for the Summertime

Short Summer Hairstyle by  Caroline Stanbur

Heat of the Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Rid of Your Long Tresses

Are you a type of a girl who loves to be in-trend with a trendiest short hairstyles of the season? If the answer is positive, then you’re at the right place. Take a look at these latest short hairstyles ideas worn by various celebrities from around the world and find your favorite style for the hot summer months of 2014. We guarantee that you will find the inspiration for your next short haircut style right...

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Celebrities Who’ve Rocked Short Haircuts in 2014

Emma Roberts - Bob Haircut Style 2014

Deciding to cut your hair short isn’t easy! It takes a lot of confidence to go from a long hairstyle to a short one. One way to get that confidence is to check out the many celebrities who’ve rocked short looks this year. Short styles have been huge in 2014, and a number of stars have worn them very well.

One of the most surprising crops is superstar Jennifer Lawrence’s new short do. She opted for a very short crop that was just long enough to have some real versatility. She’s styled it in a number of different ways, from sexy and sleek to funky and fun. Now that she’s starting to grow it out a little, we’ll see her experiment with her hair even more.

Famous 2014 Short Pixie Cut by Jenn...

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Super Cute Short Blonde Hairstyles by Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton has been the envy of many. Why not? This woman is known to have blonde hair that is always styled perfectly. Her hair isn’t originally this blonde though. She gets it expertly colored at a salon. Her hair is held straight down without a strand out of place. The flat iron has become more popular because of this.

Paris takes care of her short hair so well that people wonder what her hair would be like the next time she makes an appearance. Other hairstyles that she wears with her blonde hair are: short with braids, layered with her bangs brushed to the side, a half tie-back and a full tie-back.

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Bob Hairstyle Like Victoria Beckham Once Had


Victoria Beckham is originally from England. She reached stardom when she was singing as Posh Spice with the group “Spice Girls.” After the group’s breakup, she was still a fashion icon. She has always looked beautiful, both with her clothing and with her hair. She has taken the next step and is now a popular fashion designer.

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Gorgeous Hairstyles at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards

2014 Golden Globe Awards - Short Hairstyle

The 2014 Golden Globe Awards is a much awaited event that gathered the most elegant and glamorous men and women from the entertainment industry. And they did not disappoint, they all came dressed to the teeth with the ladies in their most fabulous hairstyles, from the elegant and classy to contemporary and sophisticated. Surprisingly there were no extreme edgy haircuts seen during the night. Check out some of the most beautiful hairstyles from this great event, there is also a lot of stylish short haircuts:

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