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Iconic Short Hairstyles – Bob Haircut Worn by Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham Made the Asymmetrical Bob Haircut the Most Popular Short Hairstyle for a Couple of Seasons

Victoria Beckham, better known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls, has truly become a style diva. This has worked wonders for her efforts to launch a clothing line, but its not just her outfits that have an impact. Her hairstyle choices are also in the spotlight. For years, Beckham opted for lengthy hair extensions. However, this inevitably resulted in a hair tragedy at the 2006 World Cup. While supporting husband David Beckham, Victoria’s extensions started pulling out her natural hair. This left her with an unpleasant bald spot and the need for a new look. Then, Victoria brought the bob hairstyle back to life. As is her nature, Beckham has taken this classic cut and reinvented it for the modern woman. The traditional bob, which is a single length, simply didn’t suite Victoria Beckham’s style. So, she created an asymmetrical style.

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Bob Hairstyle – The Most Popular Short Hairdo

Hot Bob Hairstyle for Summer

In the world of hair fashion, no other hairstyle has got so much publicity as the bob hairstyle. And there are couple of concrete reasons why bob hairstyles continue to remain the most popular short hairstyles and even increase in popularity year after year. First of all, the bob haircut is perhaps one of the most flexible & versatile hairstyles and for sure one of the hottest hairstyles for short hair. That is why, ladies of all ages keep on looking out for new trends in bob haircuts. Hair experts often cite bob haircuts as the ultimate in fashion statement. In fact, bob is perhaps one of the very few hairstyles that can be worn at any time of the day and regardless of the occasion, so ...

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Fashionable Hairstyles for Short Hair: The Pob Haircut

Allison Williams - Pob Hairstyle

The world of fashion and hairstyles is one that constantly changes. Styles come and go as rapidly as the seasons change. What is popular now most likely will not be in style a year from now.

One of the interesting dynamics of the fashion world is that many new styles are really just rehashings of ones that have come before. A great example of this is the “pob” hairstyle which has gained so much popularity recently.

So what exactly is this style? Basically it is a short hair cut for women that typically leaves the hair long in front so that the hair can sweep down the side(s) of the face. The style no...

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Pixie Cuts and Bobs Will Be Popular This Summer

Vanessa Williams Pixie Cut

We keep coming back to the pixie cut, don’t we? Let’s face it: it’s popular. And it’s especially gorgeous, easy to maintain, and also makes a great gift to yourself. It shows that you’re bold, and fun, but it’s sexy at the same time.

Yet hairstyles tend to come and go. The pixie cut has been in for at least a few years now, and I personally hope it doesn’t go anywhere. Actually, for 2014, there seems to be another emerging short hair trend: the short bob haircut. I’m seeing a lot of this, and I can’t say I’m tired of seeing it as long as it’s unique. We don’t want to be clones of each other, do we? So if you’re going to get either done, make sure that it fits you in personality.

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