Brunette Hair Color for Short Haircuts

Short Brunette Haircut by Keira Knightley

Brunette hair color comes in a wide selection of rich color that ranges from chocolate to caramel. It is also a great preference for a hair color because it provides a lot of options not only in different shades, hues and tints but also in the diverse looks it generates that will flatter almost all facial features, shapes and skin tones.

A short brunette hairstyle is a perfect combination that gives definition to both the darker shades and the short cut. It is a fabulous hairstyle with a lot of texture that flaunts a multi-faceted, rich color.

Each lock or piece of hair looks as if it absorbs and produces the mix of highlights and lowlights. A brunette is the perfect match for a short hairstyle.

Mandy Moore is a striking brunette and her dramatic layered bob cut with full bangs is the ultimate hairstyle for her dark hair. Mandy’s bob falls a little beyond the chin and the layers in the cut gives the style a lot of bounce and movement. Mandy’s short brunette hairstyle is easy to style and suitable for women with long oval faces as well as for thick hair. There are many other celebrities who have opted for this amazing combination of short brunette hairstyle for its deep, rich look.

Brunette hair looks much better with multi-tones, lowlights and highlights to make it shine in almost any kind of light. A great way to add dimension to a short brunette hairstyle is to add milk chocolate tones or chestnut tones on the ends and mid-lengths of the hair. Another great short brunette hairstyle is an inverted bob in pearl black or deep brunette. The colors are so luxurious and a lot of women will die to get the colors because it looks incredibly healthy and shiny. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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