Best Short Hairstyles Ideas for Top Short Haircut Styles

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Short hairstyles are easy to style and maintain, sexy, trendy and most of all, a great time – saver. With heaps of stylish short hairstyles available, it is easy for girls to be fashion-forward and be in the forefront of fashion. Women started experimenting with short hair as early as in the 1920s and were widely embraced by the rebellious women of that era the “flappers.”

Since then the short hair trend has proliferated rapidly as women realized how easy short hair is to maintain and how much it adds to their allure. The principal rule in choosing a short hairstyle is to choose a cut that compliments the face. Short hair cuts bring attention to the outstanding features of the face but short hair also emphasizes some unflattering features with the wrong kind of cut. To guide you, if and when you decide to cut your hair short, check the short hairstyles ideas for 2012.

Stylish Short Hairstyles

Short Hairstyles Ideas

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