2014 Short Hairstyles

Are you looking for some fresh & trendy short hairstyles ideas for the 2014 season? Bellow you’ll find some tips and examples of stylish short hairstyles for year 2014:

Crop cuts feature a little more hair than pixie cuts, but not as much as the bob. A nice razor cut gives you a crop with layer of hair to work with as you desire. A little extra length on the front side and on the neck can help you achieve a messy look with the crop. Adding a pomade or wax can give your crop a spiky look that conveys attitude.

Sometimes male inspired hair styles can be great for women with short hair. A moppy crop and side part are useful on naturally wavy hair. Change the bowl cut into a more feminine look by placing a part on the far side of the head and tapering on the back and side of the head.

Even a Mohawk with trimmed sides and a wavy striped mid section is a great short hair style for women. But if you still can’t decide, then check these great short hairstyles ideas for year 2014:

Photos by Farouk Systems

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