2014 Hairstyles Tips – Low-Maintenance Haircuts Save Your Time

Low-Maintenance Haircuts Save Your Time

If you are a busy person, low-maintenance haircuts are one thing you can do to buy out time for yourself in other areas. With all we have going on in our lives between career and managing a family, who has time to fuss for hours over our hairstyle? Of course, we want to look attractive and professional, but it shouldn’t take hours in the bathroom blow-drying and moussing, setting in curlers or using a curling irons, or hair straightener to accomplish that purpose. There is an easier way, ladies!

Short Hairstyle Will Save You Time

 Low-Maintenance Haircuts - Chelsea Kane

Take the time to go to a good hair salon and get some suggestions from an expert on a low-maintenance haircut that will work for your hair texture and face shape. You need something that takes very little attention before getting out the door in the morning. Who knows. It may even buy you an extra hour of sleep!

Usually short styles are the best choice for low-maintenance. Oftentimes you can just finger dry it or scrunch it if you have a natural curl. A little hair gel or mousses for volume and a quick blow dry and you’re on your way.

If your days begin with getting kids put together in time to catch the school bus before setting off to your own job or running errands and being a soccer mom/chauffeur, you simply don’t have time for a lot of fussing in front of a mirror. You can eliminate at least some of that morning stress by getting yourself a good haircut.

Browse online for some ideas and take some pictures along to consult with your hairdresser. He or she can help you decide what style looks best for you. Short dries quickly and can be very professional looking, but some medium bob type styles are also easily managed. It will feel good to have a new look and not feel frenzied all the time. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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