2013 Short Hairstyles Ideas for Summer

Anne Hathaway with cute short pixie hairstyle for summer

The dog days of summer are a miserable time for many people. Long hair can simply add to the misery of summer heat, and many people prefer to cut their hair short rather than deal with the added stress of hot long hair.

If you really love your long hair, but you can’t stand the heat and the weight in the summer, then you could opt for a shoulder length style. You won’t have to cut your hair too much, and it will be easy for you to grow your hair back out in the colder months.

Shoulder Length Hairstyle Idea for Summer of 2013

Bob Hairstyle with Bangs for Summer 2013

However, a shoulder length style is easier to care for, and is a lot cooler. Add layers for a fun flair that will lessen your hair’s weight. You can choose to have bangs or not to, and your stylist can help you find the perfect style for your.

Anna Faris Hairstyle Idea for Summer

Bob Haircut for Summer 2013

Want to go short with lots of style? Then you should consider a bob haircut. The bob is very easy to style, and there are now many varieties that you can choose from.

Bob Haircut for SummerBob Hairstyle for Summer 2013

There is sure to be a bob style for any face shape! Layers are great ways to dress up a bob, and if you really don’t want to go super short, you can choose an angled bob that will let you have your hair a bit longer.

Pixie Cut for Summer 2013

A pixie cut is the ultimate short haircut. It’s fast, easy, and very cool. Pixie cuts are not for everyone – for example, if you have a round face, a pixie cut can make you appear even more round – but they are great cuts if you need something attractive that will go from day to night easily. A pixie cut will let you look cool and stay cool in the heat.

Pixie Cut for Summer 2013Pixie Cut Idea for Summer 2013

Fresh Hairstyles Ideas for Summertime

Layered Hairstyle for SummerBrunette Hair Color for Fresh Summer Look

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