Spring Short Haircuts

2012 Spring Haircut Idea - Short Pixie Haircut by Emma Watson

Spring is almost over and as has been observed, short hair is still as popular this season as it was in previous seasons and is expected to be as popular in the coming summer season. As expected, celebrities lead the pack of women who prefer to rock spring short hairstyles.

Pixie Cut Idea for Summer by Emma Watson

According to famous hairstylists, very short hair like Emma Watson’s pixie is still the hottest trend for spring. It clinches with the androgynous look seen on the runways that are also very feminine and cute.

Short Bob Haircuts Variations for Spring

Short hairstyles’ attractiveness and appeal lie in its flexibility and easy maintenance. But to rock short hair requires a lot of gumption and daring. On the other hand, when women cut their hair short it also gives them a feeling of empowerment and self-confidence. This sense of feminine power endowed by short hair dates back to the 1920s when the “flappers” cut their hair short to show their rebellious spirit and their defiance to the long-established concept of femininity. The modern woman wears short hair to look more feminine and alluring.

Spring Short Haircuts Ideas

Asymmetrical bobs and short bouffant hairstyles are also some of spring’s trendiest short hairstyles so are crop bob, curly or wavy bobs that have fullness and definition. The retro short curly hairstyle is very much on trend especially as red carpet hairstyle of many celebrity style icons. Most hairstylists look for inspiration from these celebrity style icons to create a modified, more wearable hairstyle for the ordinary woman.

Angled Bob Hairstyle – Cute Hairstyle Idea for Spring 2012

Some of the celebrities who have recently swap their long bobs for the shorter bob are Penelope Cruz, Rose Byrne and Cameron Diaz who were spotted at the Oscars in their new spring short hairstyles. Even celebs who already had short hairstyles even went shorter for the season and these are Viola Davis and Michelle Williams. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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