Short Haircuts Tips for Women over 50

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Middle-aged women should still maintain their beauty and youthful looks. And one of the easiest ways to achieve it is with the choice of the right hairstyle. A hairstyle that suits you perfectly will make you look as dazzling and stunning as a woman in her 30s.
Short hair is one of the most ideal hairstyle for accomplished women over 50, whether they are an accomplished home maker or an accomplished professional or business woman. With their busy lifestyle, short hair is the ideal wash-and-go and low- maintenance hairstyle for them. Here are some more reasons why short hair for women over 50 should be considered:

• Depending on the style, short hair is easy to care for.
• Short hair ls very professional looking but stylish and elegant as well
• It is perfect for women with a busy lifestyle

• Since most women in their 50s maintain a trim look by going to the gym, short hair is an ideal gym hairstyle.
• The best reason why short hair should be considered by women over 50 is that it gives the face an instant lift without the need for surgical enhancement.
• Knowing that they look good in short hair will boost the confidence of women in their 50s.

The hard part is choosing the best style for short hair. One very versatile and modern short hairstyle that will look perfect for women over 50 with almost all face shapes is a short tousled hairstyle. This hairstyle has subtle layers that provide volume and texture that can lessen fine lines and wrinkles. It also adds some width to the upper portion of the face that gives the face a lift. Adding some strategically placed highlights to a short tousled hairstyle will brighten the face to create a youthful look as well as draw attention away from wrinkles and lines. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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