Great Short Hairstyles for Summer

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The heat of summer is enough to make outdoor activities uncomfortable and at times distressing especially if your hair is long. Tying your hair in a ponytail or braiding them out of the way helps but having short hairstyles for summer is a better way to cool off. With short hairstyles for summer, sticky, sweaty hair at the nape will be a thing of the past.

If you’re convinced that short is the way to go this summer, check out the short hairstyles for summer as inspiration and see which works best for you.

Short Beachy Waves
A short beachy wavy hairstyle can be a bob or a shag with light or delicate curls or waves and layered properly to get the unique shape. When matched with a front fringe swept faintly over the face, this short hairstyle will look great on a diamond, heart and pear shaped faces.

A Short Summer Bob Haircut
A short summer bob is a short hairstyle for summer that can be either a layered bob or a modern inverted bob. Both the layered and inverted bob are very stylish and elegant hairstyles that can also be styled casually for a day in the beach. They are suitable for almost all hair types and flatters women of all ages with any facial shape. Pair a short summer bob with bangs that are swept to the side or combed down over the forehead and the style will attract attention to the facial features and will be great wear for any summer occasion.

Soft Elegant Pixie Cut
If it is elegance that you’re after, an awesome short hairstyle for summer is a soft elegant pixie. Though the style is simple, it can appear very elegant if its elegance that you require especially when adorned with a tiara, a jeweled headband and other glittery hair accessories.

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