Hair Dyeing Tips for Girls

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Dyeing your hair can be an extremely liberating experience if you have never done so before. However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration:

If you dye your hair, it can dry your hair out. The best thing to do is dye your hair, let it rest for a while, and then go back and dye it again. If not, this can cause your hair to become fragile, break, or have a multitude of other problems. Main point: let your hair rest.

Using a shampoo specially formulated for colored hair can help to make the color last longer. We’ve all seen that one girl who has a really pretty shade dyed into her hair and then not even a few weeks later, it’s starting to fade to some bizarre color that just doesn’t look right. By taking care of your dyed hair, you can prevent weird color issues.

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Useful Hair Care Tips for Men

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Hair adds to the personality both for men and women, so hair care is needed by both, but due to heavy workload and environmental changes, hair affects a lot and becomes dull. Men are more prone to baldness so they need to take good care of their hair.

Use a Good Shampoo and Conditioner
Always use a good shampoo and conditioner that will cleanse the hair, add moisture and elasticity to the hair.

Use the Right Tools
Never brush wet hair and use wide toothed comb for wet hair. Also avoid heating tools that dry and damage the hair like dryer and iron.

Keep it Trimmed
Always go for regular trimming so as to get rid of the damaged hair.

Avoid Tight Hats
A tight hat or ponytail can cause damage to the cuticle and breakage. If this is done for longer time period then the damage might become permanent.

Avoid Chemical Treatments
The coloring or perming makes the hair damaged, dry and dull. So never apply the chemicals at home as the stylist knows the best chemical for every hair type.

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2015 Fall Hairstyles

2015 Fall Hairstyles

2015 fall hairstyles for girls are exciting and elegant. The real trendy hairstyles for fall 2015 are the chignon, volume into hair, the ponytail, different versions of wavy hairstyles, top knot and side braid.

The chignons have always been a hot trend during fall seasons. This hairstyle comes in many styles from the lovely and romantic look to flirty and sexy look. For the romantic and messier version of the chignon, you can check the runway from Dolce and Gabbana and Elise Saab. The runway shows showcase chic and elegant looking chignon hairstyles.

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Bangs are the Hottest Trend These Days


Bangs are the hottest trend these days when it comes to the classy hairstyles. Bangs are not just to enhance the overall look, they can be worn in different styles in order to make them more appealing. While the one length and brow skimming bangs cut across forehead normally comes and go with the trend, the side bangs are one that effortlessly stays in vogue as they are easier to manage than the short length bangs.

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