Bronde Hair Color for Summer Season of 2015

Bronde Hair Color 2015

One of the most popular hair colors for last couple of years is the bronde hair color. Bronde hair color is actually brunette with a touch of blonde or a mix of  blonde & brown. This current rage in hair color has caught on with the celebrities, and famous style icons such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aston, Blake Lively and Gisele Bundchen have been spotted rocking a bronde hair color.

Bronde hair color is a low-upkeep blonde version and an improved rendering of brunette. A typical blonde hair dye is quite expensive to maintain, so bronde becomes a more welcome option since bronde hair color is an easy –maintenance hair color and is less costly to maintain. If you hair is dyed blonde, this blonde/brown hair color is created by giving the hair an all-over permanent darker color to deepen the shade of your existing hair color. Women who used to have an over-all blonde hair color are going for a bronde look by having a darker shade of hair dye with a lot of highlights.


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How to Look Your Best

Looking Good

The goal of every woman is to look her best every time she steps out of the house. Although there are no hard and fast fashion rules, there are several guidelines that will make it easier for you to achieve this goal of looking your best.

Accessories make a lot of difference in how you look. A simple outfit can look ultra fashionable with the right kind of accessories. But with the wrong kind of accessories, even the most beautiful outfit won’t make you look good. Choose the appropriate accessories for the type of outfit you are wearing, be it your handbag, belt, scarf fashion ornaments such as necklace, bangle bracelets and more.

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Homemade Hair Treatments for Beautiful Short Hair


Home remedy hair care most times is the cheapest and best way to treat your hair problems. Hair is produced in small skin pockets. These small skin pockets are called follicles. The developed area in the follicles that develops hair is known as papilla. Hair is produced by protein termed as keratin. Hair works as an indicator; by the general look of a person’s hair you can judge the poor or sound health of a person. The hair that grows on the scalp of a human, are categorized in to three types such as dry hair, oily hair and normal hair. Dry hair is thin, brittle and rough. Dry hair needs more nourishment and care. Dry hair has split ends and looks dry because of inactiveness of the oil glands. When a shampoo is used, controlling of dry hair becomes very difficult. You can identify dry hair by its dull look. . Dry hair is caused due to lack of the mineral zinc. Oily hair become sticky due to the secreted excess oil from oil glands, hence almost daily shampooing is required for oily hair. Dirt and dust adheres to oily hair making care more complicated.

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Ways to Prevent & Treat Dandruff

Short Hairstyle

No one in world likes dandruff; therefore controlling dandruff is of the uttermost importance. Unwanted dandruff is caused due to seasonal changes or due to hormonal changes. You can remove them by making use of specialized dandruff shampoo. Then you may roughly wash your hair with clean water after conditioning. Don’t use hats that are tight fitting. Anxiety and stress also causes dandruff; learn to relax. Maximum dandruff is produced on dry winter days. The natural process of replacing dead cells with new cells in scalp causes dandruff. Most of us have dandruff; it is most clearly visible when we wear dark clothes. However, controlling dandruff is usually achievable for most people quit easily.

People also suffer from dandruff due to psoriasis or seborrhea condition. This is a condition when cell turn over is quite high resulting in production of white flakes or dandruff. For others it is due to stress, hormonal imbalances, infrequent shampooing or greasy products; this causes sebum to form on the scalp; this dries and changes into flakes.

Dandruff is curable in all the cases. For curing dandruff find a shampoo that suits you, if a particular shampoo does not suit you then change it with another suitable shampoo until you find one that works. Quit often people will find that either the brands Head & Shoulders or Selsum Blue. Don’t use the same type of shampoo always. You should rotate the variety of shampoos or anti dandruff shampoos. Make a suitable cycle to use different shampoos in rotation because, due to use of only one type of shampoo, your scalp becomes habitual to the active ingredient of shampoo and its activeness becomes nullified. Hence the need for different shampoos.


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