How to Choose a New Short Hairstyle for 2015

Short Haircut Style 2015

Latest Tips on How to Pick a Modern Short Haircut Style for 2015 Season

If you’re thinking about changing hairstyles to something short, making the right choice is a pretty big deal. Short hairstyles have some good things going for them, like easier and faster cleaning, less expense in terms of hair care products, and they play nicely in both work and casual settings.

However, short hairstyles also present potential trouble for some women. Because short hair frames your face, it’s important to find a style that matches your face shape. For example, a short cut that adds volume and width is usually a better choice if your face has an oblong or tall, thin shape from the top of the forehead to the tip of your chin. Faces that are rounder often benefit from short hairstyles that tend to elongate the appearance of the face vertically.

Trendy Hairstyle for Short Hair for 2015 Season – Emma Roberts

 Emma Roberts - Short Haircut for 2015 Season

Another consideration when choosing a new short hairstyle for 2015 season is the texture of your hair. It’s usually best to go with what nature gave you. If your hair is fine, a simple bob cut is often the best choice. It will hug the contours of your face and not add any volume, however, so if your face is more angular or you wish to de-emphasize flaws, a bob is perhaps not the best choice. You’ll probably want one of the short hairstyles that becomes the main attraction – maybe with soft curls or a unique flip. This will draw attention away from the face and put eyes on your best asset.

Short Wavy Hairstyle 2015 – Halle Berry

Modern Short Hairstyle 2015 - Halle Berry

If your hair is thicker then you have more options, especially if you decide to go with an extra-short hairstyle. A pixie type of cut is very doable and cute for women with thicker hair. Just remember that the more complex short hairstyles are harder to maintain. Expect to spend more time prepping every morning and maintaining as the day wears on.

And that brings up a final consideration when choosing among the array of short hairstyles available to you. Take some time to evaluate your choices carefully. Get your favorite hair stylist to sit with you and discuss the best options for you based on your lifestyle, facial shape, hair texture and straightness/waviness, and even your personality. The best short hairstyles are the ones that work in harmony with each of those important factors.

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Modern Short Hairstyles for the 2015: What Style Should You Wear?

Short Hair 2015

One of the most popular new styles are hairstyles with braids. Women are incorporating braids into all kinds of styles in all kinds of ways. They’re wearing elaborate braided updos, half updos and many other stylish braided styles. While many of these styles look complex, they’re surprisingly easy to wear.

Another very popular hairstyle is a-line cuts. These cuts are short in the back, and longer in the front. Some people wear them cropped very short in the back, while other people wear them longer. This is a hairstyle that looks good at a variety of lengths.

Elsa Pataky – 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

2015 Short Hairstyle

Pixie cuts have been on-trend for a while, and that should continue into 2015. While longer pixies were in style this year, in 2015, shorter crops will be more fashionable. You can expect to these these cuts combined with ultra-feminine jewelry, clothing, and makeup.

Pixie Cut by Michelle Williams – 2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

Pixie Cut by Michelle Williams

Mid-length bobs are another popular style that doesn’t appear to be going away. This look will be bigger than ever in 2015. While many women were wearing this style with wavy locks in the past, you can expect to see poker-straight versions of this style in 2015. This is a very flexible style that is flattering with a variety of face shapes.

Mid-length Bob Hairstyle for 2015 Season by Sienna Guillory

Mid-Lenght Hairstyle for 2015 Season

If you want a new hairstyle for next year, you should take a look at one of these styles. There’s something that’s perfect for just about everyone. There’s no reason not to have a fashionable haircut that you love.

2015 Classic Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

2015 Classic bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

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Follow The Hair Color Trends Of 2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Spring/Summer 2015

When it comes to the latest hair color trends for 2015 season, you might be thinking that the most popular selections would be a solid color, but you would be wrong. These days, people like getting really creative with their hairstyles.

Remember how highlighting and frosting came to popularity? Well, highlights have definitely stayed popular, but instead of simple highlights, we’re talking all sorts of combinations. People are essentially picking any hair color they want and then turning around and picking any color highlight they want.

Get that auburn color hair that has always been possible and add those blonde highlights. That is definitely one popular color trend that is going on at the moment.

Another popular idea is very closely matching up shades of hair color so that the highlights are very subtle. Now, this can again be done with any hair color you choose. That goes to show that it’s not just one hair color or a combination of colors that is really trending; instead, it’s how people are mixing and matching them.

Sian Williams - Hairstyle Color

What is your current hair color? You could keep your own hair color and just add whatever highlights you want. You would be following the trend. Or, you could go ahead and change both your hair color and choose highlights.

Of course, while no hair color is truly preferred over another, the long-lasting idea that blonde hair is coveted still stands. Many people do want that blonde hair or blonde highlights. But, there are even many different shades of blonde hair.

And, you’re not limited to just getting two colors. You can mesh the two colors together more by adding a third color that falls in the middle. Another thing is that the highlights are necessarily subtle either. People are going 50/50 in many instances with their meshing of colors.

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2015 Short Hairstyles Trends: What Hairstyles Will Be Hot Next Year?


Short Haircuts Trends for 2015 Season

More and more women are opting to cut their hair short. Long hair can be a lot of work, and short hair can be much easier to deal with. However, women who do cut their hair want to make sure that their new styles are on trend.

One of the hottest hairstyles next year is a short, playful bob. Long, straight across bangs are especially hot. These bobs are usually cut to the chin and slightly above the chin, and can be styled in a number of ways. Many people opt to slick the bangs back with gel.

Another hot haircut for 2015 is an ultra short, boyish crop. These haircuts are very bold, and aren’t for everyone, but can make a big impact. They’re also incredibly easy to style. All you have to do is wash your hair, but in a little styling product, and you’re ready to go.

A-line cuts are extremely popular. They allow you to keep your hair longer in the front, but crop it very short in the back. This can make hair much easier to style, and leaves you with a fun and flattering hair style.

Shaggy bobs are also very popular. This stylish textured cuts have a lot of personality, and are very easy to style. They look especially nice on wavy hair, and require minimal product. All you need is a stylist who has experience cutting hair in these kinds of styles to get a great look.

Elsa Pataky – 201...

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2015 Layered Hairstyles for Short and Medium Hair


Layered hairstyles are some of the most attractive hairstyles for all hair length and hair texture, in addition to being very flattering to most facial shapes. Layering also offers a variety of styling options to any hairstyle, even a bob hairstyle, which normally is a straight cut. Layered hairstyles transform simple and ordinary haircuts to a more elegant and stylish do. Depending on how the hair is layered, a layered hairstyle can either provide volume to thin hair or thin out thick and coarse hair, but it definitely provides movement to any type of hair. The other plus side of layered hairstyles is its easy maintenance and styling as well as its being the hairstyle that is flattering to women of all ages.

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