Trendy Wedge Haircuts to Try


There are different types of short wedge haircuts that you can choose from:

A typical short wedge haircut – This haircut looks a lot like a short bob except that the hair is cut with layers rather than bluntly cut, but the layering is so gradual that the effect is almost like that of the bob.

A layered short wedge haircut – The label sounds superfluous but it is only to emphasize the heavy layering of the haircut. The hair at the back of the neck can be cut somewhere between 1/8 to an inch long and the rest of the hair heavily layered as it reaches the crown. Bangs for a layered short wedge haircut should also be layered.

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The Right Haircut for Fine Hair


Fine hair is a big challenge for hairstylists since fine also equates to flat and some hairstyles do not favor fine hair. Usually fine hair is trimmed short or shoulder length since these lengths will tend to add more body and volume to the hair. But if your hair is thin but thick you can get away with wearing it long as long as it is properly styled or cut to disguise its thinness and flatness.

Fine hair is also exceedingly fragile and very susceptible to damage, another reason why some hairstylists are wary of fine hair. Trimming and styling fine hair needs extra care and attention. Very sharp scissors and never razors should be used to trim fine hair. Razors will make fine hair look irregular and jagged while sharp scissors will give keep fine hair tidy and shipshape. Fine hair also tends to lose shape fast so it needs to be trimmed more often. Regular trimming will remove the damaged ends and help to maintain the shape of the hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles for Fine Hair:

Medium length bob hairstyle
A shoulder length bob cut is best for fine hair. For very thick and healthy fine hair, a blunt cut without bangs is great. Softly layered around the head and feathered bangs hairstyle is recommended for thin fine hair.

Contemporary mullet hairstyle
A mullet haircut is long at the back, at least to the shoulder, and shorter at the front, top and sides giving the impression of long hair from the back. A contemporary mullet hairstyle for fine hair is a shoulder length layered hair shaped into an oval with light layers as it goes up to around four inches from the crown. Add side-swept bangs that are lightly feathered to frame the face. This will give women with fine hair a longish looking hair.

Pixie hairstyle
The short pixie hairstyle that frames the face is the best hairstyle for fine thin hair. This hairstyle is achieved by cutting the hair very short and extremely layered with layered long bangs that curve in towards the eyes. The hair at the back is cut into very short hefty layers, almost a few inches long only while the side hair is layered cut at chin length,

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How Many Times a Week Do I Wash My Hair?


There has always been a big question and debate about how often one should wash their hair? Many people have various rituals that they do while in the shower. If you are wondering how many times you should wash your healthy hair, take a look here!

Most people will tell you to wash your hair every day. What they do not realize is how much damage this may cause. By washing your hair everyday, you could be actually breaking your hair strands and preventing growth.

Other people will recommend washing your hair every other day. If at the end of the day, your hair is relatively clean, let it sit. This will allow you to not only save your hair, but save your money as well. The more you wash your hair, the higher your water bill will be.

You can also look into various products that will keep your hair cleaner longer. Some people like to use leave in hair conditioner. This product is sprayed directly onto the hair either after a shower or when dried. The conditioner will protect your hair from daily grease and grime.

There is always going to be a debate about how often to wash your hair. For the most part, find something that works for you and your schedule. If you have the type of hair that gets greasy easily, you may need to wash everyday. Take a look around at other products that might be useful to you as well.

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Hair Dyeing Tips for Girls

short hair dye

Dyeing your hair can be an extremely liberating experience if you have never done so before. However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration:

If you dye your hair, it can dry your hair out. The best thing to do is dye your hair, let it rest for a while, and then go back and dye it again. If not, this can cause your hair to become fragile, break, or have a multitude of other problems. Main point: let your hair rest.

Using a shampoo specially formulated for colored hair can help to make the color last longer. We’ve all seen that one girl who has a really pretty shade dyed into her hair and then not even a few weeks later, it’s starting to fade to some bizarre color that just doesn’t look right. By taking care of your dyed hair, you can prevent weird color issues.

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