Layered Hair Styles for Summer of 2015

layered short hair

Regardless of the length, color or cut you have, layering can help add a touch of trendiness to your hairstyles. It can also allow for a lot of movement and give you the appearance of a more stylish yet fun at the same time. Although layers provide volume and texture to hairstyles, it isn’t suitable for everyone.

Layers can be incorporated to many different hairstyles. You can incorporate layering to long straight hairstyles or bangs or bobs. Many celebrities use layering to add a touch of class to their celebrity hairstyles. If there is a hair type that does not work well with layering, it would be the very curly hair.
The reason is because very curly hair can work against the layers and the ending result would be a very scruffy, frizzy look. For th...

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Dyeing Your Hair at Home

Hair Dye Tips

Dyeing your hair can give your hairstyle a whole new angle and can also cure the change craving without it being TOO drastic. But what you may not realize is that it’s actually a lot easier to change your hair color than you may have thought!

First of all, you need to find a box of dye. You may also want to buy a box of color remover, in the case that you realize it might not have been such a great idea to dye your hair that particular color or that the color brings out the orange tones in your skin and makes you look a little bit like an oompa loompa or does the opposite and makes you look TOO pale. Either way, make sure that you have a backup plan. Also, ...

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Bronde Hair Color for Summer Season of 2015

Bronde Hair Color 2015

One of the most popular hair colors for last couple of years is the bronde hair color. Bronde hair color is actually brunette with a touch of blonde or a mix of  blonde & brown. This current rage in hair color has caught on with the celebrities, and famous style icons such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aston, Blake Lively and Gisele Bundchen have been spotted rocking a bronde hair color.

Bronde hair color is a low-upkeep blonde version and an improved rendering of brunette. A typical blonde hair dye is quite expensive to maintain, so bronde becomes a more welcome option since bronde hair color is an easy –maintenance hair color and is less costly to maintain. If you hair is dyed blonde, this blonde/brown hair color is created by giving the hair an all-over permanent darker color to deepen the shade of your existing hair color. Women who used to have an over-all blonde hair color are going for a bronde look by having a darker shade of hair dye with a lot of highlights.


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How to Look Your Best

Looking Good

The goal of every woman is to look her best every time she steps out of the house. Although there are no hard and fast fashion rules, there are several guidelines that will make it easier for you to achieve this goal of looking your best.

Accessories make a lot of difference in how you look. A simple outfit can look ultra fashionable with the right kind of accessories. But with the wrong kind of accessories, even the most beautiful outfit won’t make you look good. Choose the appropriate accessories for the type of outfit you are wearing, be it your handbag, belt, scarf fashion ornaments such as necklace, bangle bracelets and more.

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