Men & Women Wearing Wild Hairstyles


People tend to go wild because generally they have a lot of stress which they want to release. This is seen among youngsters also who face a lot of pressures from their homes and school and they want to do something crazy enough to ease their minds out. Similarly, wild hairstyles for men and women are nothing but a gesture of wanting to have fun in life.

The attractive range of wild hairstyles which men and women can try on is many. Some of the common ways of styling their hair are making dreadlocks, loops, and much more. Some of them try coloring their hair also. The multi-shades they add to their tresses looks wild enough.

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Short and Medium Hairstyles for Oval Face Shape

Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman and Cameron Diaz… these are just a handful of beautiful celebrity faces with an oval shape…..and yes, they also sport short and medium hairstyles for many of their on-screen and off-screen appearances.

Unlike a round shaped face, an oval face has the advantage to look good with any hairstyle. You just need to keep in mind the latest trends, your life-style and the texture of your hair before selecting the right medium-length hairstyle for yourself. Faces which are oval in shape are considered to be lucky and god-gifted. But again, if there are any facial features you would like to highlight or hide, then you have the option of choosing a hairstyle accordingly.

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Shades of Blonde for 2015 Season


There are many trends that come and go all year long. One of the most popular trends is hair coloring. Blonde has long been the color of choice, since most of the sex symbols of Hollywood seem to be blondes. However, this year is seeing a different trend. Sometimes the trends go towards jet black hair, while at other times, rainbow hair is more desired.

Bright and cheery shades are the new trend for this years hair colors. In fact, more people will be going for red and brunettes shades than blonde. However, strawberry blonde will be a favorite color for 2015 season, at least until the end of spring. Most likely, it will be a favorite color long after spring is over. Strawberry blonde is a combination of red and blonde, and is a great color for many people. It looks especially good on those who have fair skin,and is the perfect color for anyone would like to emphasize their eyes.

Platinum blonde won’t be nearly as popular this year. Instead, consider warm blondes. For example, a warm blonde hair color with honey highlights is a perfect look for 2015. Other nice highlights will be such things as blonde hair with gold, or any other warm, golden tone. In the Year of the Ship, you want to have rich, warm colors in your hair. If you’re already blonde, consider adding warm highlights in a gold or honey tone to help bring your hair into this great trend and get ready for the 2015 season.

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Latest Short Hairstyles Ideas – Chic & Sexy!

Latest Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts are always in trend and popular and the most important thing is that they’re so super easy to create and so easy maintain. There are so many chic & sexy short hairstyles that you can easily say bye-bye to your old hairdo. In section bellow, you’ll find some of the trendiest and the most popular short hairstyles for 2015 season, pick your favorite style and pay a visit to your hair stylist, we promise you won’t regret your decision!

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