Easily Make A Ponytail With Volume

Ponytail hair

Ponytails have always been in style because they are a convenient way to keep your hair out of your face but the times have certainly changed since women only wanted to do a basic ponytail. Giving some volume to your pony has become very popular and it is actually very easy to do. It works for medium or long hair because you need to have enough hair to not only form a ponytail but have some of the hair make the high volume section before doing so. First, separate your hair along the line between your ears, clipping the front section so it stays out of the way. Take two inches of the leftover hair at your crown and tease it near your scalp.

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How To Avoid Prom Fashion Disasters

prom hair tips 2015

You are probably familiar with some disaster tales with proms from other people. There are even magazines that have sections dedicated to prom disaster stories. It is a very important dance in high school life which makes a lot of students to feel stressed and pressured by it. This can make them overlook some important factors in every prom. We will show you how to avoid prom fashion disasters on your big day.

Before you select which dress to buy, you have to try it on with the similar undergarments you are going to wear at your prom. This will let you decide the right size of dress for the night and it will provide you the feeling you are going to have during your prom. It will prevent you from having unwanted panty lines in your dress or bulking.

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Choosing From Short Hairstyles Worn by Rihanna

Rihanna with short hairstyle

One of the great things about having a shorter haircut is how simple it can be to take care of. Maintenance is a key deciding factor for many women who are looking to change up their hairstyle to something that is much shorter. If you are hoping to get a different and daring look, you can look at some of the short haircuts by Rihanna to see if there is one that sparks your interest.

Lots of women cut their hair short for a variety of reasons. One might want to shorten the length of their hair simply because they are tired of styling long hair all the time. Another might decide that a shorter hairdo will help to frame their face better, bringing out their features. However, the absolute best reason to go with one of the short haircuts by Rihanna is to just have fun and do something for you. When you are ready to take the plunge with a shorter haircut, you can research a few of the starlet’s recent hairstyles and choose the one that you like most.


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Layered Hair Styles for Summer of 2015

layered short hair

Regardless of the length, color or cut you have, layering can help add a touch of trendiness to your hairstyles. It can also allow for a lot of movement and give you the appearance of a more stylish yet fun at the same time. Although layers provide volume and texture to hairstyles, it isn’t suitable for everyone.

Layers can be incorporated to many different hairstyles. You can incorporate layering to long straight hairstyles or bangs or bobs. Many celebrities use layering to add a touch of class to their celebrity hairstyles. If there is a hair type that does not work well with layering, it would be the very curly hair.
The reason is because very curly hair can work against the layers and the ending result would be a very scruffy, frizzy look. For th...

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