Selecting the Right Hairstyle


Selecting the right hairstyle has a lot to do with one’s shape of face. If you neglect this feature and wear whatever hairstyle you like, you will probably end up with a hairstyle that doesn’t look good on you. To make sure you select the perfect hairstyle for you, read on for some helpful guidelines.

First, look at yourself in the mirror, pull your hair back and see what type of shape your face has. Is it very round or oval? Square-ish or long rectangular? Triangular or heart-shaped? Once you know the shape of your face, you can refer to the list below to see what cut and style of hair is best for you.

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Trendy Hairstyles for Summer and Fall Season of 2015


The 2015 calendar has hit the fashion world with dozens of new hairdos. The long, medium and short of it is that hairdressers are bringing women special hairstyles which could move them beyond their own imaginations. The women’s short hairstyles are going to be much cuter than ever with the bobs coming back on stage.

The short layered cuts with bangs are replacing the previous styles creating a new genre of fashion altogether. The woman who wants to carry herself perfectly well on the catwalk will always find the pixie haircut as the hot favorite. Halle Berry would be the perfect example seen sporting the very short pixie haircut in a couple of movies.

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Choosing the Right Hairstyle for the Bridesmaid


Choosing the right hairstyle for the bridesmaid is almost just important as choosing what hairstyle the bride will wear. Most bridesmaids will want to have the same or similar look when they walk down the aisle because all eyes will be on them before the bride enters down the aisle. Bridesmaids hair should not upstage the bride’s hair as this is her day and she should be the main focus but that doesn’t mean that the bridesmaids shouldn’t have beautiful styled hair.

Bridesmaids can either wear their hair up with loose curls flowing down or they can wear their hair down with part of it pulled up and back. If the bridesmaids decided to wear their hair pulled up and back and a hair accessory is worn, it’s best to have all bridesmaids place the hair accessory on the same side. A really elegant style for a bridesmaid is for the hair to pulled up on top of the head with lots of curls and to place a slim jeweled headband near the front top of the hair. This is not only a beautiful style, but is also a simple one.

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The Great Pixie Cut

The Short Pixie Cut

Pixie hairstyles are short haircuts! With short hair, your face is emphasized more and the shorter hair becomes a picture frame around the face. With short pixie haircuts you can have some curls alongside the face and ears so the curls softly frame it then the pixie styled hair can be flipped up at the ends for a sassy look. The hair can have that pixie look to it and be very sassy and gamin.

Short hair is fun and easy to style. A good salon will give you a great pixie haircut. And remember that healthy hair grows about one half inch per month on average if you don’t like the short cut it will grow out and you can try one of the other 2015 in-styles.

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